Project Final Fantasy 6: The Remake We Deserve

Written by firestream on July 9, 2018

For years, fans (including myself) have begged Square-Enix for a real remake of Final Fantasy 6. Instead, we got a terrible mobile port/remake. As a life-long fan of Final Fantasy 6, when I first saw images of Octopath Traveler, the HD-2D graphics style immediately made me think of a real Final Fantasy 6 remake. This is an attempt to mix the styles of the two games together to give an idea of a modern-retro version of Final Fantasy 6 that still maintains the magic of the original game.

WARNING: Mild Final Fantasy 6 spoilers below!

This screen shows Terra climbing Mt. Kolts on the way to the Returner hideout. This screen comes from Olberic's path in the demo. When I first saw the bridge, it was instant throwback to FF6 (and so many others thought the same thing).

In this one, Terra is battling Magitek Armor in the desert around Figaro Castle. I’m sure the magic menus would be way better organized than this, but to match the source screenshot I stuck with fire spells.

Here, Sabin is wandering around the cave to South Figaro. The darkness and use of light could make for some great new secret areas in the caves.

This is a town under control of the Empire. General Leo is hanging out for good measure. The Magitek Armor makes sure that nobody can come or go during the occupation.

In this screen, Edgar and Shadow are battling the Ultima Weapon on the Floating Continent. This is one of the best fights in the game, with some of the best boss music. The Blackjack can be seen in the distance.

Here, we have the esper Tritoch at the top of the mountain behind Narshe. Umaro is out and about. This would be in the World of Ruin when the party goes back to Narshe to get Tritoch and meet Umaro.

Here is Kefka on the way to Figaro Castle to pay Edgar a visit. I pretty much love every scene with Kefka.

In this one we have Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan as they explore the Phantom Forest, right after Cyan's family is killed. The HD-2D engine would make this area so cool to wander through, especially with the real-time lighting.

Sabin and Cyan are here meeting Gau for the first time on the Veldt right after jumping over Baren Falls. I know this scene takes place after a battle, but I liked the location here with water around the place they meet, similar to this image from the mobile version.

And finally, Locke has decided to go 1-on-1 with the Blue Dragon down in the depths of the Ancient Castle. Good luck, Locke!

Now, of course, I don't think this would ever happen, but once again I can dream, right? What do you think? Would you like to see something like this get created in an official manner?

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August 18, 2018 09:30:31 PM
I registered only to say this: I would without a doubt pay without hesitation 100€ to get a truly remarkable FF6 remake (if it could be like Octopath at least)!
July 10, 2018 04:16:46 PM
You are killing me with those screen mockups, even the ones that are just travel shots. The idea of a rebuilt FF6 is incredible. I would reorient my budget to get whatever the deluxe edition is without hesitation. With what the Switch can do over what the SNES could offer, the battle in Kefka's Tower against the Three would be awesome. I would hope they would expand some of the missable elements into sub-stories - like Shadow's dreams or Locke's motivations. Expanding the Coliseum would be great, as well.

FF6 was one of my first RPGs and will always have a very special place in my heart. It is also a landmark achievement in gaming. While I am glad it got the Advance treatment, *this* would be the definitive version for me.
July 10, 2018 12:42:50 PM
since i haven't played FF6 yet, I'd love to be able to play it on the Switch and with such beautiful graphics
Jeremy Rice
July 9, 2018 11:01:04 AM
SquareEnix would be fools not to do this... which means it'll probably never happen. They waited ages - and endured years of public clamouring - to finally decide to do the FF7 remake. And then they chose to split it into multiple games, with different combat systems, and then the project still ended up in development hell.

Unless someone from the Bravely/Octopath team really has some pull and can get a free license to what they want with such a project, I don't see SquareEnix proper ever accomplishing this. They've been lost in some very strange weeds for a very long time.
June 29, 2018 10:51:44 PM
I would absolutely love this or any kind of FF6 remake to be honest.
Not because a remake is necessary by any means, but because it's a masterpiece and any new related release just gets me excited to even think about.
June 1, 2018 07:05:10 AM
I seriously hope that Octopath lives up to the hype and does so well that something like this is a possibility. With all of the controversy around the graphics of their recent re-releases of games, it would literally be a no brainer for them, especially if Octopath proves a success.

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