Project Final Fantasy 6: The Remake We Deserve

For years, fans (including myself) have begged Square-Enix for a real remake of Final Fantasy 6. Instead, we got a terrible mobile port/remake. As a life-long fan of Final Fantasy 6, when I first saw images of Octopath Traveler, the HD-2D graphics style immediately made me think of a real Final Fantasy 6 remake. This is an attempt to mix the styles of the two games together to give an idea of a modern-retro version of Final Fantasy 6 that still maintains the magic of the original game.

WARNING: Mild Final Fantasy 6 spoilers below!

This screen shows Terra climbing Mt. Kolts on the way to the Returner hideout. This screen comes from Olberic’s path in the demo. When I first saw the bridge, it was instant throwback to FF6 (and so many others thought the same thing).

In this one, Terra is battling Magitek Armor in the desert around Figaro Castle. I’m sure the magic menus would be way better organized than this, but to match the source screenshot I stuck with fire spells.

Here, Sabin is wandering around the cave to South Figaro. The darkness and use of light could make for some great new secret areas in the caves.

This is a town under control of the Empire. General Leo is hanging out for good measure. The Magitek Armor makes sure that nobody can come or go during the occupation.

In this screen, Edgar and Shadow are battling the Ultima Weapon on the Floating Continent. This is one of the best fights in the game, with some of the best boss music. The Blackjack can be seen in the distance.

Here, we have the esper Tritoch at the top of the mountain behind Narshe. Umaro is out and about. This would be in the World of Ruin when the party goes back to Narshe to get Tritoch and meet Umaro.

Here is Kefka on the way to Figaro Castle to pay Edgar a visit. I pretty much love every scene with Kefka.

In this one we have Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan as they explore the Phantom Forest, right after Cyan’s family is killed. The HD-2D engine would make this area so cool to wander through, especially with the real-time lighting.

Sabin and Cyan are here meeting Gau for the first time on the Veldt right after jumping over Baren Falls. I know this scene takes place after a battle, but I liked the location here with water around the place they meet, similar to this image from the mobile version.

And finally, Locke has decided to go 1-on-1 with the Blue Dragon down in the depths of the Ancient Castle. Good luck, Locke!

Now, of course, I don’t think this would ever happen, but once again I can dream, right? What do you think? Would you like to see something like this get created in an official manner?

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I would DIE for a remake like this!!!

Tye Watson
Tye Watson

This looks amazing! Obviously make the GUI close to the original but other than that, I think this is a great path. Why not do Operation FF6 like operation rainfall and operation moonfall? If it gains enough traction we might be able to get this remake?


I’d love a FF VI remake and think Square Enix would be insane not to release one. However, I think it’d be much better to do a full on 3D remake like FF IV. Many scenes in FF VI don’t really get across well because of the sprites and I feel like we’d get the full experience with polygons. Not to mention, having full voice work for the game like IV would breath so much more life into the game (imagine Celes’ opera scene!) and bring new fans to appreciate FF VI.

Ben Thompson

I wouldn’t be totally against the full on-3D remake either, but I think that even Final Fantasy IV’s makeover was a point of contention for many – not from a gameplay or voice acting perspective, but I remember many not taking kindly to the new visual approach. I don’t care personally, because it’s more Final Fantasy at the end of the day.