Dreaming of a Final Fantasy Collection

Written by firestream on April 4, 2018

NOTE: None of this is real! All images shown are mock-ups to give you an idea of what could be.

Back in 2016, Square Enix setup a website to celebrate Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary. If you were like me, you probably got pretty excited about the anniversary and curious to see what SE would release for it. If you are also like me, you probably ended up being let down by what came from it all. Also in 2016, a leak came out about a collection of Final Fantasy games for the PS4/Vita, which all sounded way too good to be true and ended up just being rumors.

So to this day, I'm still dreaming about a Final Fantasy Collection and this article is an attempt to dream that up for the Nintendo Switch. Now, I don't think SE will ever make something like this, but go ahead and dream with me!

Case design for the physical release and launch icon. The Collection would be made up of 10 games from Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy X. I was trying to go for a minimalist design, something to the point. A crystal is a good representation of the franchise, even if many of the later iterations had nothing to do with crystals.

Launching the game would lead you to a nice simple title screen that is again minimalist. You could either select a game or change options, like language, from here. I'd love to see a Moogle over on the right side dancing and yelling "Kupo!" at you too.

The "Select Game" screen would showcase each game's logo and give a brief description of the game. Hitting left or right on the left thumb-stick would slide in the next game's logo. Starting a game would take you to that game's title screen with New, Load, Options, etc.

Final Fantasy would be the PSP remake brought over to the Switch. It has the best version of the sprites and art and looks really clean, even in today's gaming world.

Final Fantasy II would also be the PSP remake brought over to the Switch. It is probably the best version of FF2.

Final Fantasy III would be a port of the 3D version from PC as there isn't really a nice 2D version of the original FF3 (In the US, FF3 for the SNES was actually FF6).

Final Fantasy IV would be the "Complete" version from PSP, which has some of the best sprite work ever done in a Final Fantasy game. I would also take the 3D remake version of FF4. Also, they could leave out "The After Years" and I wouldn't lose any sleep. The core game is so much better.

Final Fantasy V would be the "Advance" version from the GBA. This actually isn't ideal, as the mobile remake has better enemy art and backgrounds, but horrible sprites. I personally prefer the "Advance" version over any other version of FF5.

Final Fantasy VI would also be the "Advance" version from the GBA. Again, there's the mobile remake of FF6, but the sprites make me sick, so out of the versions of the game out there, the GBA version is probably the best (except for the music quality). Maybe SE can fix these issues and finally give us a good version of FF6 for the Switch.

Final Fantasy VII would be the PC version ported to the Switch. It is much crisper than the PS1 version and still holds up and plays well today.

Final Fantasy VIII would also be the PC version. FF8 still hasn't made it's way to mobile, so the best option would be the version currently available on Steam.

Final Fantasy IX would also be the PC version ported to Switch. Also, lets leave out the cheat options included in the Steam/Mobile version. This is one of the best FF games ever made!

Final Fantasy X would be the HD version currently available on the PS Vita. It's a really good remake of the original that should run just fine on the Switch.

If Square Enix did something like this, would you buy it? Would you pay $60 or more? What else would you want to see as part of the collection? There are likely technical limitations to consider, especially when you take into account the size of each game and available space on a Switch cartridge. Regardless, I personally would love to see something like this happen. The Nintendo Switch could be a monstrous portable Final Fantasy machine if SE decided to make it happen. Thanks for dreaming with me!

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July 11, 2018 12:49:37 PM
FF1-FF9 Collection would be a "killer app" for the Switch! With the low drop rates for some items (*cough cough* FF4 Pink Tail), being able to match up on-the-go grinding with big screen plot advancement would incentivize finally 100 percent completion of earlier JRPGs. Even more recent titles like FF9 would benefit from being able to build up AP for skills on train commutes or out of house downtime.

I'm not sure they would bundle in FFX/FFX-2, however. With the Remasters, I am inclined to believe SE would sell FFX/FFX-2 as a separate release to maximize sales. And, honestly? I would be okay with that. I would be over the moon to get all of the NES-PS1 releases and would stay busy savoring each of those for the umpteenth time.
Jeremy Rice
July 11, 2018 09:54:38 AM
It makes me sad that Square would never do something like this. Their business execs have seemed very out of touch with what gamers want for a long while now.
Sir GamesAl0t
April 19, 2018 12:32:59 PM
i would love this, i havent played many of the final fantasy games (especially the older ones) and this would be an awesome way to experience them.
April 5, 2018 07:37:50 AM
man this should be so real... it's a shame Square Enix doesn't want all of my money...
April 4, 2018 08:02:46 PM
*throws all of the money at the monitor*

This would be incredible! But I would really settle for any of these on the Switch in any form. But you highlighted arguably the best version of each ones and I can agree with you on every pick. Great read.

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