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Nintendo Switch RPG Database

Switch RPG is an ever growing database of role playing games for the Nintendo Switch. It launched in January of 2018 with the goal of trying to collect as much data as possible for all Switch RPG's. Currently tracking 209 games. This is a US based website, so most release dates and prices will be in US/USD. However, if you register, you can set your prices to United Kingdom or Canada as well.

Why is X game in your database when it isn't an RPG?

Role Playing Games are pretty subjective and sometimes difficult to correctly identify. In some cases, we include games that have RPG elements, even if the game itself isn't strictly an RPG. If you think a game should be included that isn't, feel free to get in touch.

How do I earn EXP/Gold and what's the point?

Once you register, optionally, you can choose to complete quests around the site to earn EXP and Gold. You can also earn EXP and Gold from leaving good comments on games that other people like. The point is just to be a fun part of the site to encourage member involvement and to show you the features and capabilities of the system.

Why does the OpenCritic score shown here not always match what is shown on their site?

A lot of games tracked here are cross-platform games. SwitchRPG only takes into account OpenCritic scores for the Switch version of a game, so the score shown could be different for that reason.

Can I support the development and hosting of this website?

Every dollar helps and is used for hosting costs, fees, contest prizes and more. Thank you in advance for any support you can provide.

Also, we are on Patreon if you are interested in helping monthly. Patrons can unlock different reward tiers for their contributions.

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