Yo-kai Watch 4: We’re Looking Up at the Same Sky Preview (Switch) (Japan Import)

Game Details

Publisher: Level-5
Developer: Level-5

Translated from Japanese

Let’s go find the invisible world!
◆ Towns and youkai are transformed like anime!
The graphics have evolved significantly from the previous Yokai Watch series!
Reproduce the beautiful townscape as if you were moving the character in the animation. It’s become more and more fun to find youkai about where they are hiding!

◆ The stage is four worlds!
The story is set in four worlds that transcend time and space. You can freely explore the worlds of the present, the past, the future, and the demon world, which have different atmospheres.
Youkai have a unique lineup from all over the world, including the new youkai that first appeared!

◆ A new era of transcendental battles! The player uses 6 watches!
The players of this work are 6 characters who have Yo-Kai Watch in their hands! As a “watcher” who uses the abilities of Yo-Kai Watch, players can fight in the field with their friends and youkai and participate in attacks! Absorb the youkai power from the enemy youkai and use it for attacks and recovery of friends, or send out a rush … Each player has special abilities, so let’s use it according to the battle!

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