Rift Keeper Preview (Switch)

Game Details

Retail Price (USD): $9.99
Release Date: December 17, 2019
File Size: 499MB
Publisher: Sometimes You
Developer: Sometimes You
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Embark on your journey, travel through rifts and restore the balance as the Rift Keeper in this handcrafted 2D roguelite platformer with challenging, fast-paced action gameplay.

Duty called and the Rift Keeper woke up from his deep slumber. The little town he was summoned was silent as if it’s the end. He opened the church’s rusty old door and four old men wearing red robes greeted him with a grim smile. One of the priests stepped forward and said, “The Gates are open”.


– Embark on your journey, travel through 30 different dungeons! Grow powerful as enemies keep getting harder. How far can you go?

– Unique enemies to fight with and many more to come!

– 30 handcrafted dungeons!

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