Lucah: Born of a Dream Preview (Switch)

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Release Date
July 03, 2019

Game Size
1.1 GB


Syndicate Atomic

Action RPG

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Caution! This game contains flashing patterns that might be disruptive to people with photosensitive epilepsy.

☐ Game Details ☐

Master elemental combat magic and explore surreal dreamscapes in this stylish hack-and-slash game where Lucah must fight to reclaim their identity from the grasp of the Nightmare monsters that inhabit it. Lucah: Born of a Dream blends elements of survival-horror, role-playing, and interactive-fiction to present a raw, unfiltered vision of wrath and sorrow.

Lucah, The Marked Child, is cursed to have their inner demons come as vicious Nightmares. Utilizing multiple combat Mantras and the power of Familiars, Lucah must traverse the hellish realm of their dreams, endure the Nightmare onslaught, and lift the curse in a quest for Purification.


Master a deep combat system that blends ranged- and melee-based styles with rich progression and customization. Explore an atmospheric hellscape of repressed memories and unspeakable feelings. Lay waste to the Nightmares in a kinetic flurry of beautiful violence to seize your salvation.

• Striking colors and evocative linework elicits an impressionistic sense of ambiguity and tension.

• Mix and match over ten different Attack Mantras to create an endless variety of unique combos.

• Befriend Familiars and use their ranged elemental magic to turn the course of battle.

• Personalize your character with Virtues like slow-motion dodges, stunning parries, or vampiric attacks.

• 6-7 hour campaign thick with secrets, branching paths, and alternate play modes.

• A haunting electronic soundscape binds Lucah into a singular experience of self-discovery through struggle.

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