Haiku, The Robot Preview (Switch)

Delve into the depths of a mechanical world in this cute, adventure-exploration game. Explore and fight in a land full of corrupt robots and machinery. All while seeking answers to the mysteries around you.

Forge your own path through a vast interconnected world full of corrupt robots and machinery. Map uncharted paths and explore the hidden depths of Arcadia.
Dodge, dash, and slash as you battle fierce-looking machines. Challenge your skills and reflexes through tight melee combat and epic boss fights.
Evolve with powerful items and abilities, allowing you to reach previously inaccessible areas. Meet a variety of quirky robots, both friend and foe, and discover the dark secrets of the world around you.

Classic side-scrolling action with all the modern trimmings.
Dodge, dash, and slash through machine-like enemies.
Jump, zip, and blink past challenging platforming obstacles.
Meet a wide cast of interesting characters on your journey.
Customize your playstyle through the chip system.
Explore a vast interconnected world. Full of hidden secrets, fierce enemies, and quirky robots. A true Metroidvania.
Make your own journey as you collect new items, abilities, and upgrades.
Map your progress and piece together the secrets of Arcadia.
Sharp and precise character movement with tight melee combat.




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