Galaxy Squad Preview (Switch)

Galaxy squad is turn-based tactical roguelike, in which you are leading a squad of mercenaries through randomly generated galaxy with different events.

The game combines node-based exploration with random events, similar to games like FTL or Renowned Explorers, with hardcore tactical battles, inspired by XCOM series. All your characters are randomly generated, and you can evolve them however you want, creating ultimate crew.


Explore different planets and systems, fight huge amounts of enemies
Upgrade your ship and use its systems in events or in battles
Explore space stations, find quests
Powerful story campaign system, involving your characters and branching storylines
Upgrade your equipment with different modifications and find rare loot


Gio Pimentel

Gio Pimentel

Content creator for the SwitchRPG YouTube Division and co-host of the SwitchRPG podcast.

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