Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline Preview (JP) (Switch)

This is the “story” of “Dragon Quest X” that you can enjoy “offline”
The network RPG “Dragon Quest X Online” has been redesigned with new graphics and game balance so that you can play by yourself without being connected to the Internet all the time!
Add various elements unique to “offline”!
You can also enjoy realistic play with character voices!

Adventure stage
A world consisting of five continents and several islands “Astortia” The main character (you) saves Astortia, which has begun to be attacked by demons,
while visiting each continent where five races live.
Embark on an adventure!

Awakening and going on an adventure to save the world with five friends
The main character continues his journey while repeatedly meeting and parting with various people.
Sometimes you will meet people who will be adventures together as companions!

Add an episode that was not told in “Dragon Quest X Online”!
You can enjoy the cutscenes and battles of the main story, including original episodes, with powerful performances by gorgeous voice actors!




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