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Titan Quest
August 2, 2018 08:02:04 AM
Back in my Army days, I played the absolute hell out of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on the PS2. Since then, i have never found a game that quite matched what I got from that game. It was like a Reader's Digest version of Diablo - all the best loot-grabbing and leveling, but jettisoning the parts that only really worked on PC.

Hopefully, the reviews on Titan Quest will tell me that a worthy successor to Dark Alliance has finally appeared.
World of Horror
August 2, 2018 07:55:34 AM
This looks to have the potential to be a really be an excellent showcase for the concept of "less is more" for gaming on the Switch. No HD photorealistic graphics or full orchestral OSTs, just a solid game that evokes emotion.

Between World of Horror and Metropolis: Lux Obscura, there are some serious and unexpected adult themes being presented on a Nintendo platform. I hope this lives up to my own personal hype.
Dawn of the Breakers
August 1, 2018 02:15:50 PM
At the low, low price of "free" it seemed worth giving Dawn of the Breakers a go. And my opinion is that it is worth trying out, but depending on your tastes may only be worth what you paid for it...

The biggest issue to address is that this game feels like a iPhone game. It has all the gatcha elements of a F2P game like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or countless other examples. If those game design choices turn you off, just walk away because this game is built around getting "more stars = higher power" units.

The core gameplay is a side-scolling beat-em-up with full movement options and multiple types of attacks. Your jump, regular, and heavy attacks can be combined to create additional attacks. In addition, you have special moves that have alternate forms based on the press of the directional pad. You are not alone in this fight, as you bring three other AI-controlled teammates to the battle. This leads to a smooth feeling fight, if a little chaotic.

The menus feel a bit clunky, but not too bad to navigate. I do wish the loading text for each area was able to be skipped or could be toggled off. Pointless button mashing to advance the game flowchart is a decision I will never agree with.

Also, there is no ending to the story as it continues to follow the tropes of other F2P games and wants to dole out more story to keep players coming back. The story is fun, if trite, with humor that hits the mark more often than not. If you are looking for a satisfying three-act story, pick up another title because Dawn of the Breakers doesn't cater to your need for resolution.

Bottom Line: Dawn of the Breakers makes a good showing on the Switch. There is nothing broken or crashing that I have encountered and it holds up well under it core mechanics. At worst, it is a fun diversion from more serious games with a "free" price point. At best, this is a better than average game that fits into the "bite-sized gaming" column. If you can get past the gatcha and open-ended story, give this a whirl.
Quest of Dungeons
July 31, 2018 03:30:43 PM
At a sale price of $5, these comments make me much more interested in giving this a shot. To be honest, I had dismissed it as another probably disappointing roguelike.

How does the game do on portable? I know in a text heavy RPG the smaller screen makes the menus harder to use. Does Quest of Dungeons fare better in this regard?
July 18, 2018 08:58:48 AM
For some reason, pure roguelikes have never impressed me outside of PC releases. The Etrian Odyssey games (particularly the 3DS titles) were a lot of fun, but they aren't pure roguelike games. I keep holding out hope, but so far I have been unenthused about the console/handheld/phone games in this genre.
Disgaea 1 Complete - Rosen Queen's Finest Edition
July 6, 2018 12:40:49 PM
@Xatres17 Ideally, I would recommend starting with Disgaea 1 because it laid the groundwork for the systems, in-jokes, and characters that persist throughout the series. The other games are that much better for getting the tongue-in-cheek references and throwbacks. Plus, there is good reason it launched a series that continues to this day.

However... if you are waiting for Disgaea 1 Complete to jump into the series, it seems a shame to not play one of the finest and funniest series in the genre. Go ahead and play Disgaea 5 Complete, but be sure to go back and play the OG Disgaea when it is released.
Star Story: The Horizon Escape
July 6, 2018 12:08:15 PM
@Xatres17 I agree. The combination of styles the game proposes could either be "peanut butter and chocolate" or "chocolate and pickle." I hope it is good, because the description piques my interest. But there is enough out there to play without having to drop $10 on a game sight unseen that could be a train-wreck of genres. A trailer that included true gameplay footage would go a long way towards getting me to purchase.
Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story
July 5, 2018 02:37:48 PM
I hope the graphics get cleaned up prior to launch, but the concept intrigues me. As a longtime fan of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games (except that irritating mobile one) the fusion of RPG and sim will always get my attention.

Recent Review Comments

Octopath Traveler
July 24, 2018 02:49:15 PM
@Meatballsub No worries, friend. I just wanted to illustrate a different viewpoint precisely because I did find myself entranced by the soundtrack. Within the first few hours, I was already putting it in the same mental category as Symphony of the Night, FFVI/FFVI, and Chrono Trigger.

I'm glad you have had a chance to do a deeper dive into the music and enjoyed the experience!
Octopath Traveler
July 24, 2018 11:19:15 AM
I'm going to have to disagree about the soundtrack. While the battle tracks are definitely very good, I find myself stopping to soak in the atmosphere from the overworld tracks. And the tracks are masterfully paired with the art direction. Wandering in the bare open white around Stillsnow or walking through the forest outside Swarkii really evokes a different feel - making the world seem bigger and more varied.

However, like those before me, I agree that the FFVI comparison does OT no favors. I went in Octopath looking for the hooks that would weave the other characters in to the story, but by the time I got to the third character I realized these are self-contained stories and not part of an overarching narrative. I was a little disappointed, but only because I came in with the FFVI expectations. But going through Ophelia's chapter 1 made a big difference. Ophelia's quest and story is driven by love and a sense of family, not an existential threat or 'destiny'. The fact that she has complete agency over this and makes the choice made me care far more about her character and is pushing me to want to see her story through.

There are some QoL changes I would like to see, just as a personal wishlist. I would like to see an option to speed-up the battle animations (or turn them off for enemies), along with a better way to adjust the encounter rate. The Bravely series nailed this with a menu option to adjust between 0% encounters and +100% encounters - every game should do this or something close. I would also like to see an update to the quest journal. I am an old school RPG gamer (starting back on the NES with FF & DQ), but one great addition from modern titles is a detailed and well formatted journal. Finally, I wish the battle items menu was tabbed so that it is easier to find a particular item in combat.
West of Loathing
July 17, 2018 02:58:35 PM
The original Kingdom of Loathing was make-your-sides-hurt funny, too. No matter how much material was added, it always stayed funny. If they can keep that level of consistent humor going for this game it could become a favorite game that you go back to again and again for a laugh (like Disgaea).
Hand of Fate 2
July 17, 2018 02:50:43 PM
This review is exciting. I thought the first Hand of Fate looked like a great game to provide a fresh take on the RPG genre, and the review here tells me Hand of Fate 2 continues to impress. It definitively now goes high on the wishlist.