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July 18, 2018 08:58:48 AM
For some reason, pure roguelikes have never impressed me outside of PC releases. The Etrian Odyssey games (particularly the 3DS titles) were a lot of fun, but they aren't pure roguelike games. I keep holding out hope, but so far I have been unenthused about the console/handheld/phone games in this genre.
Disgaea 1 Complete - Rosen Queen's Finest Edition
July 6, 2018 12:40:49 PM
@Xatres17 Ideally, I would recommend starting with Disgaea 1 because it laid the groundwork for the systems, in-jokes, and characters that persist throughout the series. The other games are that much better for getting the tongue-in-cheek references and throwbacks. Plus, there is good reason it launched a series that continues to this day.

However... if you are waiting for Disgaea 1 Complete to jump into the series, it seems a shame to not play one of the finest and funniest series in the genre. Go ahead and play Disgaea 5 Complete, but be sure to go back and play the OG Disgaea when it is released.
Star Story: The Horizon Escape
July 6, 2018 12:08:15 PM
@Xatres17 I agree. The combination of styles the game proposes could either be "peanut butter and chocolate" or "chocolate and pickle." I hope it is good, because the description piques my interest. But there is enough out there to play without having to drop $10 on a game sight unseen that could be a train-wreck of genres. A trailer that included true gameplay footage would go a long way towards getting me to purchase.
Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story
July 5, 2018 02:37:48 PM
I hope the graphics get cleaned up prior to launch, but the concept intrigues me. As a longtime fan of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games (except that irritating mobile one) the fusion of RPG and sim will always get my attention.

Recent Review Comments

West of Loathing
July 17, 2018 02:58:35 PM
The original Kingdom of Loathing was make-your-sides-hurt funny, too. No matter how much material was added, it always stayed funny. If they can keep that level of consistent humor going for this game it could become a favorite game that you go back to again and again for a laugh (like Disgaea).
Hand of Fate 2
July 17, 2018 02:50:43 PM
This review is exciting. I thought the first Hand of Fate looked like a great game to provide a fresh take on the RPG genre, and the review here tells me Hand of Fate 2 continues to impress. It definitively now goes high on the wishlist.