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Resident demon-monger and hype parasite. I'm a fiercely opinionated RPG fan, although I dabble in other genres. Raised on Nintendo devices, I have branched out somewhat with Sony and PC games, but I still love the variety and honest fun that each Nintendo console brings.

I am a huge Paper Mario (1 and 2), Xenoblade, SMT, Zelda, and Atooi fan. Oh, and I guess I like Metroid too.

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Staff writer and editor. Recently upgraded to demon lord. Occasional speculation, most often analysis of RPG design. Keeper of peace, general support and moderation.
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Recent Comments

Hand of Fate 2
July 9, 2018 03:15:40 PM
I believe you unlock more cards that can be accessed in a playthrough as you progress further through the game.

Either way, very interested in this title.
Code of Princess EX
March 9, 2018 08:23:50 PM
Seriously, don't sleep on this one. Action RPG with a great attack input system, funny and charming story, and plenty of mission variety! It's super cute!
The Lost Child
March 3, 2018 12:27:16 PM
First-person dungeon crawling and a monster catching/summoning system? SMTV might not come out until this year, but this game will certainly scratch my itch.
Feudal Alloy
February 19, 2018 12:46:32 PM
Tentatively curious about this title.
Portal Knights
February 19, 2018 12:31:19 PM
The game biomes are segmented and must be accessed through portals (hence the name), and since it's all procedurally generated these floating islands sometimes look wonderful and are a hot mess at others. There's an emphasis on aesthetics here, as certain realms are only accessed through dailies and each biome grants decorations that you can take back to you home base, but the level cap is very low (only 30) and the combat is pretty bland. On the other hand, the end-game bosses are absurdly hard!
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
February 8, 2018 09:06:05 PM
Huh. Looks cool. No overworld traversal, it plays like a choose-your-adventure gamebook, with a turn-based strategy combat system.
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
February 6, 2018 06:46:04 PM
Don't get me wrong, the 3DS version of this game looks quite nice, but if the Switch version is just an upres of that, you can count me out.
February 4, 2018 04:34:10 PM
Prodigy looks to be attempting to tread the line between toys to life and legitimate, scripted content, but I wonder if it can really achieve either with such a niche genre. Curious and fascinating idea, I'll definitely keep an eye on it, but I doubt they'll sell me on a purchase.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
February 4, 2018 04:18:31 PM
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has what could be considered a revelation for Monolith Soft's combat systems with its canceling mechanic, adding another layer of depth atop their various systems. However, the decreased emphasis on equipment and scaling-down of customization options makes this game much more accessible than its predecessors, and is truly what I would call the best entry point for newcomers of the three existing Xenoblade games. A must-have on Switch.
YIIK: A Postmodern RPG
February 4, 2018 04:15:44 PM
I've been following this game for a while now, since it was once announced for Wii U. I'm very eager to get my hands on it because of that weird art style, plus the combat looks pretty decent, as well.
Wizard of Legend
February 4, 2018 04:03:23 PM
Oh HELL yes. This looks vaguely Hyper Light Drifter-ish in aesthetic, but I love the fast-paced combat.

Hey, Hyper Light Drifter... when is THAT coming to Switch...?
Croixleur Sigma
February 4, 2018 04:01:14 PM
This... looks like it will satisfy my score-chasing interests.

My SCORE-CHASING interests, people...!

Recent Review Comments

Lost Sphear
March 3, 2018 12:19:48 PM
Tokyo RPG Factory is ultimately founded on a flawed concept of nostalgia- slavishly adhering to the style of older JRPGs while retaining none of their substance. In an era where the bar has been raised thanks to the continued efforts of studios like FuRyu, Nihon Falcom Atlus, and (depending on your preference) Studio Silicon, Tokyo RPG Factory's efforts just seem to pale in comparison.

Ah well. Better luck next time.