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Recent Comments

Banner Saga 2
May 24, 2018 12:25:19 AM
Awesome, I'm so glad more people will get to play this amazing series. Excited for the AMA tomorrow!
Mecha Storm
May 22, 2018 01:41:28 AM
These mechs are all so cute omg
May 16, 2018 10:38:09 AM
Premise reminds me of The Magic Circle. Looks pretty interesting, hopefully it's enough to keep me interested until the end. Don't want it to fall into the trap that games like DLC Quest do where the concept and writing was funny, but the boring gameplay ultimately made it hard to finish
Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition
May 14, 2018 11:57:02 PM
Played the original on Steam, overall pretty fun game. Writing is probably the best thing the game has going for it
Ace of Seafood
May 11, 2018 12:33:03 AM
Sucks that LRG is doing a physical for this for PS4 and not Switch, but this game looks so out there that I'm gonna pick it up the moment it goes on sale for sure
Banner Saga 3
May 7, 2018 09:52:36 AM
I'm crossing my fingers so hard for a physical edition of this game
There's listings for one on PS4/Xbox One that includes the entire trilogy.. hopefully one comes out
Octopath Traveler
April 30, 2018 01:27:05 AM
At first I wasn't that into the game, the art style looked real weird to me and it didn't seem like anything special from the concept.. but the art style really started to grow on me as I saw more of it, and I just finished the demo. Dear God I need this thing asap. Probably gonna get that Wayfarer's edition as well, I need that pop up book display
Heroes of the Monkey Tavern
April 30, 2018 01:23:45 AM
Just finished.. it's alright. The weird UI design got easier to navigate as the game wore on, you just kinda get used to it. It's a short game, took me around 7 hours total and there's only 8 floors. Exploring each floor was pretty fun, and the game did some pretty interesting things with how it set up it's rooms (especially one specific floor that was really fun to play). But the puzzles aren't really puzzles, most are just press every lever until you get the right one or hit this secret button in the wall. Because of the UI, it's a steep learning curve but as I got the end of the game fights got easier and even the last boss battle was personally easier and quicker for me than some of the battles I got into on the first floor. Overall alright game and I'd recommend it, but ofc there are other dungeon crawlers I'd recommend more
April 26, 2018 04:28:55 PM
A dungeon crawler like this seems like it'd be right up my alley.. but the visuals don't look all that appealing. Going to it get it at some point (espcially for that low price) but probably not until I clear up my backlog a bit
Tale of Ronin
April 26, 2018 04:19:11 PM
Art style is gorgeous in this game, I can only imagine what the box art would look like if it got a physical haha
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition
April 26, 2018 04:16:06 PM
They've released a patch that will supposedly clear up some of the performance problems people were having such as shortening the loading times 3-4 seconds. Maybe now is a much better time to jump in it
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
April 3, 2018 11:31:20 PM
Haven't played a Ys game before, anything I should expect?
Heroes of the Monkey Tavern
April 3, 2018 12:41:49 PM
Game is generally fun, but can become easily frustrating with the horrible UI and menus. Game uses the same dungeon textures everywhere so you're going to be looking at the same walls and floors the entire game. Combat is okay, is mostly ruined by the bad menus and controls that take some getting used to. Going to try and finish this one, probably by tackling a floor or 2 a day. I can't really see myself playing this for long sessions.
Lost Sphear
March 16, 2018 12:17:10 AM
I'm finding it really difficult to get into this game, mostly because of small nitpicks I have, but I really hope I hit some stride in it because I really want to enjoy this game.

Recent Review Comments

Penny-Punching Princess
April 3, 2018 12:47:20 PM
Was interested in this one, looks pretty fun. Can't say I've ever played a game like this before. I can deal with frustrating mechanics, don't get angry with games easily. Might grab this as a summer game later on, thanks for the great review!