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RPG Archetypes: The Hero

In today’s edition of RPG Archetypes, we’re examining one of the most important and, at times, most difficult to balance tropes in all of fiction (RPG or otherwise): The Hero.

RPG Archetypes: The Warrior

The warrior is perhaps the oldest trope in RPGs – dating back to the earliest roots of the genre. Here, we explore their evolution into the modern age.

Final Fantasy XIII Review (PC)

Meatballsub briefly takes a break from the Switch scene to bring us his thoughts in this review of Final Fantasy XIII for PC.

The Crystal Chronicles Saga – Part 2

Join Evan in Part 2 of his look at the Crystal Chronicles series, leading up to the release of the remastered version of the first game coming to Switch this year.

RPG Weapons: Personal Favorites

From famous, gravity-defying blades such as the Buster Sword down to less-than-ideal combat solutions in the form of the Blitzball, anything is possible in the realm of RPGs.

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