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CHASM Preview

Want to see how CHASM fares on Switch? Check out this preview!

2018 Switch RPG Holiday Game Guide

Meatballsub compiles a diverse list of titles that should feature something for just about any type of RPG fan.

CHASM Review (Switch)

In theory, an “infinitely replayable” Symphony of the Night-esque game sounds incredible, but is it enough to win CHASM premium status in an already heavily competitive subgenre?

switchrpg playlist

Weekend Gaming Playlist

This Weekend Gaming Playlist is all about (trying) to share my gametime between two juggernauts of titles, alongside a new(er) Switch title as well…

switchrpg playlist

Weekend Gaming Playlist

Here we are, once again, on the cusp of the glorious weekend, and along with it come hopes and dreams for some quality gaming time!

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