Staff Team

The team behind the magic

  • firestream
    As the owner of this site and SwitchList, I help organize staff and events, write code and features, maintain the server and support in other areas as needed. I do a little bit of everything, but rely on a strong, organized staff to continue forward progress as a team.

  • Jeremy Rice
    Staff writer and editor, providing features and the occasional review. Lover of Final Fantasy VI and the oxford comma. Keeper of peace, general support, and moderation.

  • Meatballsub
    Editor. Indie Developer. Weight Lifter. Pit Bull Advocate. Tattoo enthusiast. Lover of Final Fantasy IV. All Around Nerd. Keeper of peace, general support and moderation.

  • Phillip Pinyan
    Switch RPG Podcast Host, Content Editor, Facebook Page Manager, Discord Demigod.

  • ReallyPassionateGamer
    Staff writer and editor. Recently upgraded to demon lord. Occasional speculation, most often analysis of RPG design. Keeper of peace, general support and moderation. Atk: 35 Def: 40 Wis: 55 Con: 70 Dex: 90 Agi: 55

  • rlcooper83
    Moderation, updating game data and general support.

  • SeaMonkeyStew
    Co-Host of the Switch RPG Podcast, keeper of peace, organizer of events, general moderation and support.

  • TimmyDale Taylor
    I’m Timmy Dale! Blessed to be able to bring you the freshest and most interesting news about Switch RPGs via Facebook and Discord!