Let’s Play Second Death


Crash into the world of Second Death! Scrape together food, shelter, and equipment to survive a climb from the beach to reach a volcano’s peak.

Along with acquired talents and crafted items, your dexterity can turn the tide of battle. Clicking at the right moment on a strike can score a critical hit, while swiping through enemy attacks can trigger a counter blow.


It’s 1958, and Chicago cop David Harris made the tough choice to bring his mobster brother back from Cuba and deliver him to justice, but things get tougher when their home-bound plane crashes on a mysterious island. Now he must save his brother — and learn the truth behind his terrible crimes.


Harvest the island’s resources
Craft shelter, food and items to gain an advantage
Collect and equip randomly generated loot
Navigate procedurally generated environments
Defeat the island’s horrors and reveal the past

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