Chrono Break Wallpaper Collection

Fans of Chrono Trigger (and Chrono Cross) have been begging Square Enix for years now to do another game in the series. Years ago, SE registered the title “Chrono Break” but eventually dropped the project, for whatever reason. The creator of Owlboy decided to give fans a taste of what Chrono Break could have looked like with an incredibly well done trailer:

The art that Simon Andersen came up with is absolutely spot-on with the style of the other Chrono games, and we at SwitchRPG wanted to showcase the art with a set of wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. Right-click to download any of them below:

Maybe, just maybe, SE will either decide to continue the series, or hire it out to the Owlboy team, because what they came up with could be a phenomenal 3rd entry in the series.

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