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03/19/19RPG Cavern Themes - Personal FavoritesMusic
03/19/19My Time At Portia Coming to Switch April 16th, 2019!News
03/18/19SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition ReviewReviews
03/18/19Stream Archive #4Videos
03/18/19Let's Play Evoland 2 (Legendary Edition) (Ep. 6 Added)Videos
03/15/19Let's Play Hard West (Ep. 5 Added)Videos
03/15/19Croixleur Sigma Announced for SwitchNews
03/15/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
03/14/19RPG DNA: The Games That Shaped Us - Part 2Articles
03/14/19Official Podcast Episode #44Podcasts
03/14/19Super Dungeon Tactics PreviewVideos
03/14/19Google Chrome Coming To SwitchNews
03/13/19Make Knights Great AgainArticles
03/13/19Let's Play Tangledeep (Ep. 5 Added)Videos
03/12/19The Caligula Effect: Overdose ReviewReviews
03/12/19Mewtwo Code Given With Tickets For Mewtwo Strikes BackNews
03/12/19ANIMUS Code Giveaway!News
03/12/19MISTOVER Announced And Coming To SwitchNews
03/12/19Let's Play Cosmic Star Heroine (Ep. 9 Added)Videos
03/12/19CHASM Getting A Major UpdateNews
03/11/19Alchemic Dungeons DX ReviewReviews
03/11/19Let's Play Hell Warders (Ep. 3 Added)Videos
03/11/19Stream Archive #3Videos
03/08/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
03/08/19Octopath Traveler Prequel Announced For iOS And AndroidNews
03/08/19Let's Play The Caligula Effect: Overdose (Ep. 3 Added)Videos
03/08/19Official Podcast Episode #43Podcast
03/07/19Azure Saga: Pathfinder DELUXE Edition Coming March 21stNews
03/07/19Action RPG Goken Announced For SwitchNews
03/07/19Should We Consider The Legend of Zelda an RPG?Articles
03/07/19Aggelos Comes To Switch On April 25News
03/06/19Merchants of Kaidan ReviewReviews
03/06/19Alchemic Dungeons DX PreviewVideos
03/05/19Bastion ReviewReviews
03/05/19Wargroove's 1.2.0 Update Releasing tomorrowNews
03/04/19Magic Scroll Tactics ReviewReviews
03/04/19Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Coming Fall 2019News
03/04/19Stream Archive #2Videos
03/04/19Let's Play Robothorium (Ep. 9 Added)Videos
03/01/19Don't Sink ReviewReviews
03/01/19Switch RPG Ports I'd Like To See in 2019 (And Beyond)Articles
03/01/19Official Podcast Episode #35Podcast
03/01/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
02/28/19The Caligula Effect: Overdose PreviewVideos
02/28/19Official Podcast Episode #42Podcast
02/28/19Magic Scroll Tactics PreviewVideos
02/28/19RPG Desert Themes : Personal FavoritesMusic
02/28/19Persona 5S Rumored to Be Headed to SwitchNews
02/27/19Join Us For The Pokemon Direct!News
02/27/19Wargroove ReviewReviews
02/27/19Legrand Legacy PreviewVideos
02/27/19SwitchRPG Turns One!News
02/27/19DragonFangZ : The Rose & Dungeon of Time PreviewVideos
02/26/19Wargroove Developer Details Upcoming PatchNews
02/26/19RemiLore ReviewReviews
02/26/19Pokemon Direct : 2/27/2019News
02/26/19To the Moon Coming To Switch This SummerNews
02/26/19TIARA: THE DECEIVING CROWN Announced For SwitchNews
02/26/19Let's Play Evoland Legendary Edition (Ep. 4 Added)Videos
02/26/19Let's Play Animus (Ep.13 Added)Videos
02/25/19Doom & Destiny ReviewReviews
02/25/19Stream Archive #1Videos
02/25/19Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and XII Receive New TrailersNews
02/25/19Let's Play Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (Ep. 8 Added)Videos
02/25/19Final Fantasy VII for Switch Now Available for Pre-OrderNews
02/25/19Let's Play Tales of Vesperia (Ep.15 Added)Videos
02/21/19Warframe ReviewReviews
02/21/19Atlus USA is Looking for Feedback!News
02/21/19RPG Forest Themes : Personal FavoritesMusic
02/21/19Portal Knights PreviewVideos
02/21/19The Legend of Zelda Series Turns 33!News
02/21/19Feudal Alloy PreviewVideos
02/20/19Final (Straightforward) Fantasy (XVI)Articles
02/20/19Final Fantasy IX PreviewVideos
02/19/19Tangledeep ReviewReviews
02/19/19Let's Play Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics (Ep. 2 Added)Videos
02/18/19The Crystal Chronicles Saga : Part 3Articles
02/18/19Doom & Destiny PreviewVideos
02/18/19Stealth (@Stealth40k) AMA This SaturdayNews
02/18/19Official Podcast Episode #40Podcast
02/15/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
02/15/19Alvastia Chronicles PreviewVideos
02/15/19RPG Archetypes: The HeroArticles
02/14/19Oninaki: Third Time's The Charm?Articles
02/14/19Has Been Heroes PreviewVideos
02/14/19Alvastia Chronicles ReviewReviews
02/13/19An Ode to Etrian OdysseyArticles
02/13/19The Switch RPG Final Fantasy VII ChallengeNews
02/12/19Reverie Developer AMA TranscriptArticles
02/12/19Dungeon Themes : Personal FavoritesMusic
02/11/19Reminder: Reverie Developer Rainbite AMA Tonight @ 8PM EST!News
02/11/19Feudal Alloy ReviewReviews
02/08/19AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected ReviewReviews
02/08/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
02/08/19Official Podcast Episode #39Podcast
02/07/19Reverie: Sweet As Edition ReviewReviews
02/07/19Switch RPG Now On InstagramNews
02/07/19Reverie Developer Rainbite AMA Coming MondayNews
02/07/19Ittle Dew 2+ PreviewVideos
02/06/19Caveblazers ReviewReviews
02/06/19Let's Play Wargroove (Ep. 4 Added)Videos
02/05/19RPG DNA: Games That Shaped UsArticles
02/05/19BQM -Block Quest Maker- ReviewReviews
02/04/19Final Fantasy Tactics: Switch EditionArticles
02/04/19Evoland Legendary Edition ReviewReviews
02/01/19Switch RPG Releases and Sales This WeekNews
02/01/19RPG Victory Themes : Personal FavoritesMusic
01/31/19Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander ReviewReviews
01/30/19Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force ReviewReviews
01/29/19Mages of Mystralia ReviewReviews
01/28/19Town Themes : Personal FavoritesMusic
01/25/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
01/25/19Let's Play Diablo III (Ep.30 Added)Videos
01/24/19Double Cross ReviewReviews
01/24/19LeGrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds ReviewReviews
01/24/19Asdivine Hearts II ReviewReviews
01/24/19Official Podcast Episode #38Podcast
01/24/19Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics ReviewReviews
01/23/19RPG Primer : Combat SystemsArticles
01/23/19Official Podcast Episode #41Podcast
01/22/19Into the Breach ReviewReviews
01/22/19Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition ReviewReviews
01/22/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
01/22/19Reminder: Stealth (@Stealth40k) AMA This SaturdayNews
01/22/19DLC Coming To TangledeepNews
01/21/19Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight ReviewReviews
01/18/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
01/18/19Official Podcast Episode #37Podcast
01/18/19Boss Battle Themes : Personal FavoritesMusic
01/17/19The Shrouded Isle ReviewReviews
01/17/19Tales of SkitsArticles
01/16/19Switch RPG Sales and Releases ResourcesNews
01/16/19YIIK: A Postmodern RPG ReviewReviews
01/15/19Will We See A Triple-A MMORPG Title On Switch?Articles
01/14/19Dust: An Elysian Tail ReviewReviews
01/14/19Chrono Break Wallpaper CollectionSide Quests
01/11/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
01/11/19BQM : Block Quest Maker PreviewVideos
01/11/19RPG Archetypes: The WarriorArticles
01/10/19Official Podcast Episode #36Podcast
01/10/19Dragonball Xenoverse 2 ReviewReviews
01/10/19Let's Play Second DeathSide Quests
01/10/19Let's Play Neko Ex MachinaSide Quests
01/09/19Final Fantasy XIII Review (PC)Side Quests
01/09/19Switch RPG Releases and Sales This WeekNews
01/08/19The Crystal Chronicles Saga : Part 2Articles
01/08/19Animus ReviewReviews
01/08/19Banner Saga 1 Giveaway!News
01/07/19DragonFangZ : The Rose & Dungeon of Time ReviewReviews
01/04/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
01/04/19Bendy and the Ink Machine ReviewReviews
01/03/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
01/03/19Bastion PreviewVideos
01/02/19Thea: The Awakening ReviewReviews
01/02/19Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
01/02/19Let's Play Dragon Marked For DeathVideos
01/02/19Huge NIS America Switch RPG SaleNews
01/01/19Most Anticipated Switch RPGs of 2019Articles
01/01/19RPG of the Year! : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/31/18The Keep ReviewReviews
12/31/18Diablo 3 : Kanai's Cube LocationVideos
12/31/18Best Budget RPG : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/28/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
12/28/18Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood ReviewSide Quests
12/28/18Best Casual RPG : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/27/18Revenge of the Bird King ReviewReviews
12/27/18Best Vocal Performance : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/26/18Official Podcast Episode #34Podcast
12/26/18Landstalker Review (SEGA Genesis Classics)Reviews
12/26/18Switch RPG Releases and Sales This WeekNews
12/26/18Best Music : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/25/18Best Studio : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/24/18Best Roguelike : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/20/18Mana Spark ReviewReviews
12/20/18Chronus Arc ReviewReviews
12/20/18Best Tactical RPG : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/19/18Switch RPG Releases and Sales This WeekNews
12/19/18Best Turn-Based RPG : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
12/19/18Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden : Episode #3Side Quests
12/18/18Is There Hope Yet for SaGa: Scarlet Grace?News
12/18/18RPG Weapons: Personal FavoritesArticles
12/18/18Let's Play Mana SparkVideos
12/17/18Xenon Valkyrie+ ReviewReviews
12/17/18Embracing the Golden Age of Remakes on the SwitchArticles
12/17/18Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden : Episode #2Side Quests
12/17/18Let's Play Xenon Valkyrie+Videos
12/14/18Kingdom: Two Crowns ReviewReviews
12/14/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
12/13/18Community Member Spotlight: TuwileArticles
12/13/18How I Became a Wizard of LegendArticles
12/13/18Official Podcast Episode #33Podcast
12/12/18Switch RPG Releases and Sales This WeekNews
12/12/18The SaGa Needs More RomancingArticles
12/11/18OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes ReviewReviews
12/10/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
12/09/18How Final Fantasy XIV Is Saving My SanitySide Quests
12/09/18Don't Let Us Down, Square Enix (Tokyo Game Show 2018)Articles
12/09/18Official Podcast Episode #22Podcast
12/08/18Parasite Eve (PS1) RetrospectiveSide Quests
12/07/18Opinion: Critiquing the Path to Octo by Paving Good IntentionsArticles
12/06/18Octopath Traveler: New Demo, Hyper, and ConcernsArticles
12/06/18Gear Grinder: Switch RPG DelaysArticles
12/04/18Boss Music: Five Personal FavoritesMusic
12/03/18Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God ReviewReviews
12/03/18Earthlock ReviewReviews
11/30/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
11/30/18Official Podcast Episode #31Podcast
11/29/18Things In RPGs That Never Make SenseArticles
11/29/18Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix ReviewReviews
11/28/18Cattails ReviewReviews
11/28/18Switch RPG Releases and Sales This WeekNews
11/27/18Pokémon Let’s Go! (Eevee) ReviewReviews
11/27/18The Crystal Chronicles Saga : Part 1Articles
11/26/18Fallout 76 : Is It THAT Bad? (PC First Impressions)Side Quests
11/26/18Let's Play Into The BreachVideos
11/23/18Official Podcast Episode #30Podcast
11/23/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
11/21/18Switch RPG Releases and Sales This WeekNews
11/21/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
11/21/18Best Action RPG : SwitchRPG Awards 2018News
11/20/182018 Switch RPG Holiday Game GuideArticles
11/19/18RPG Archetypes: The MerchantArticles
11/16/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
11/16/18Official Podcast Episode #29Podcast
11/15/18Greatness In DefeatArticles
11/14/18SwitchRPG's New Look And VisionNews
11/14/18SNK 40th Anniversary Collection: Crystalis ReviewReviews
11/14/18Moonlighter ReviewReviews
11/12/18River City Ransom Review (Nintendo Switch Online)Reviews
11/08/18Curse You, World of Warcraft! (WoW BfA)Side Quests
11/08/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
11/07/18Tanzia ReviewReviews
11/07/18Official Podcast Episode #14Podcast
11/06/18Why I'm Excited For: Elder Scrolls: BladesArticles
11/04/18Official Podcast Episode #2Podcast
10/31/18CHASM ReviewReviews
10/30/18Let's Play TransistorVideos
10/30/18Disgaea 5 Complete Video ReviewVideos
10/30/18Diablo 3: Eternal Collection ReviewReviews
10/27/18SwitchRPG Audiophiles : CoversMusic
10/27/18Revenant Dogma ReviewReviews
10/26/18Official Podcast Episode #27Podcast
10/26/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
10/26/18Dragon Sinker ReviewReviews
10/25/18SwitchRPG Audiophiles : ChiptunesMusic
10/25/18SwitchRPG Audiophiles : Main ThemesMusic
10/22/18Let's Play UndertaleVideos
10/19/18Official Podcast Episode #26Podcast
10/19/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
10/18/18Disgaea 5 Complete ReviewReviews
10/17/18The Importance of a Quality SoundtrackArticles
10/17/18Fernz Gate ReviewReviews
10/13/18Dragon Quest XI Review (PC)Side Quests
10/12/18You Came to the Wrong New Lands, KingdomArticles
10/12/18Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition ReviewReviews
10/08/18Makai Toushi SaGa (Wonderswan) Retrospective ReviewSide Quests
10/08/18Great RPG Music: Octopath TravelerMusic
10/07/18Octopath Traveler Character WallpaperArticles
10/07/18Great RPG Music On: Switch (So Far)Music
10/05/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
10/04/18SwitchRPG: March by the NumbersNews
10/04/18Super Daryl Deluxe ReviewReviews
10/01/18The Thrill of the Hunt (for Resources)Side Quests
09/28/18Official Podcast Episode #24Podcast
09/28/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
09/26/18KAMIKO ReviewReviews
09/25/18Immersive Interiors : Dragon Quest XISide Quests
09/21/18Official Podcast Episode #23Podcast
09/19/18Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk ReviewReviews
09/14/18The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Goblin Scourge Edition ReviewReviews
09/08/18Cosmic Star Heroine ReviewReviews
09/07/18Shining Resonance Refrain ReviewReviews
09/07/18Project Final Fantasy 6: The Remake We DeserveSide Quests
09/07/18Octopath Traveler Desktop and Mobile WallpaperArticles
09/06/18E3 2018 Switch RPG WishlistArticles
09/05/18Official Podcast Episode #6Podcast
09/04/18Devious Dungeon ReviewReviews
08/31/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
08/30/18Why I'm Excited for Diablo III On SwitchArticles
08/29/18Finding the RPG Oasis On The N64Side Quests
08/28/18Building A Better DungeonArticles
08/24/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
08/23/18Little Dragon's Cafe ReviewReviews
08/22/18Official Podcast Episode #20Podcast
08/21/18Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Never WinSide Quests
08/21/18World of Warcraft Communities: The Real MVPSide Quests
08/21/18How To Review A Roguelike (Or Roguelite!)Articles
08/20/18Battle for Azeroth: Week One In ReviewSide Quests
08/15/18Official Podcast Episode #19Podcast
08/14/18The Round Table: My RPG Dream TeamArticles
08/13/18Final Fantasy ResetArticles
08/09/18Fall of Light: Darkest Edition ReviewReviews
08/08/18Salt and Sanctuary ReviewReviews
08/08/18SaGa Frontier (PS1) Retrospective ReviewSide Quests
08/08/18Official Podcast Episode #18Podcast
08/06/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
08/03/18Why We Don't Need Octopath Traveler DLCArticles
08/03/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
08/02/18Final Fantasy Jobs: Personal FavoritesSide Quests
08/02/18SwitchRPG: July By The NumbersNews
08/02/18The Terrible Wonders Of CrawlArticles
08/01/18Great RPG Music On: Everything ElseMusic
08/01/18Official Podcast Episode #17Podcast
08/01/18Into The Vault: A 2018 Journey Through Dragon Quest ISide Quests
07/31/18The Golden Country ConundrumArticles
07/30/18Code of Princess EX ReviewReviews
07/27/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
07/27/18Let's Play: Hand of Fate 2Videos
07/26/18Game of the Year Watch 2018Articles
07/25/18Quick Tips for Octopath TravelerArticles
07/25/18Official Podcast Episode #16Podcast
07/24/18Multiplayer RPGs We Need On SwitchArticles
07/23/18Octopath Traveler ReviewReviews
07/23/18Switch RPGs You Definitely MissedArticles
07/20/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
07/20/18Great RPG Music On: Playstation (PS1)Music
07/19/18Things I Wish Were In More RPGsArticles
07/18/18Switch RPGs To Look Forward ToArticles
07/18/18SwitchRPG Official Youtube ChannelNews
07/18/18Official Podcast Episode #15Podcast
07/18/18Obscure RPGs: River City RansomSide Quests
07/17/18Hand of Fate 2 ReviewReviews
07/17/18Video Games As LiteratureArticles
07/16/18West of Loathing ReviewReviews
07/16/18Community Member Spotlight: Captain VulgarArticles
07/14/18Which of the Octo Paths Did You Take?Articles
07/13/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
07/13/18Into the Vault: Romancing OctopathArticles
07/12/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
07/12/18Official Podcast Episode #32Podcast
07/12/18Switch RPG Releases and Sales This WeekNews
07/11/18SwitchRPG Stream : Diablo 3Videos
07/09/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
07/08/18Will Tokyo RPG Factory Get Another Chance?Articles
07/06/18Great RPG Music On: NESMusic
07/03/18Revenant Saga ReviewReviews
07/02/18The Lost Child ReviewReviews
07/02/18SwitchRPG: June By The NumbersNews
06/29/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
06/29/18Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Scenic Desktop Wallpaper CollectionArticles
06/28/18Great RPG Music On: Sega GenesisMusic
06/27/18What Went Wrong With Tokyo RPG Factory?Articles
06/27/18Official Podcast Episode #13Podcast
06/26/18Why I'm Excited For: RPG Maker MVArticles
06/25/18Save Money On Switch Games With Switchlist.AppNews
06/22/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
06/21/18Obscure RPGs: Evander Holyfield's Real Deal BoxingSide Quests
06/21/18Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory ReviewReviews
06/20/18The Most Influential Final Fantasy EverSide Quests
06/20/18Official Podcast Episode #12Podcast
06/19/18Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana ReviewReviews
06/18/18Great RPG Music On: GameboyMusic
06/15/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
06/15/18Banner Saga 1 ReviewReviews
06/14/18Most Wanted Switch RPG Ports: June EditionArticles
06/14/18A Working-Class GenreArticles
06/13/18Official Podcast Episode #11Podcast
06/13/18The Art of the Banner Saga Series: Desktop Wallpaper CollectionArticles
06/13/18Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition ReviewReviews
06/12/18Do We Want Another Breath of the Wild?Articles
06/11/18Diablo III: Eternal Collection Video ReviewVideos
06/10/18Armello ReviewReviews
06/09/18Dragon Quest XI: First Impressions (PC)Side Quests
06/09/18Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition ReviewReviews
06/08/18Meathead Menagerie: OP Guest Party Members : Part TwoSide Quests
06/07/18Squids Odyssey ReviewReviews
06/07/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
06/07/18Great RPG Music On: SNESMusic
06/06/18Introducing The RPG World Cup 2018News
06/06/18Official Podcast Episode #10Podcast
06/06/18The Importance of Classic Overworld Design in RPGsArticles
06/04/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
06/01/18Official Podcast Episode #9Podcast
06/01/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
06/01/18Community Member Spotlight: CRMagicArticles
06/01/18SwitchRPG: May By The NumbersNews
05/31/18Why I'm Excited for: Pokemon: Let's GoArticles
05/30/18The Final Fantasy Spinoff We NeedSide Quests
05/25/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
05/24/18Saturday Morning RPG ReviewReviews
05/23/18Official Podcast Episode #8Podcast
05/23/18Battle Chasers: Nightwar ReviewReviews
05/18/18Meathead Menagerie: OP Guest Party MembersSide Quests
05/18/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
05/17/18Switch RPG Gems (So Far)Articles
05/17/18Official Podcast Episode #7Podcast
05/12/18God Wars: The Complete Legend ReviewReviews
05/11/18Official Podcast Episode #28Podcast
05/10/18Official Podcast Episode #25Podcast
05/09/18The Azerite System Needs Serious Work (WoW BfA)Side Quests
05/09/18Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs : Royal Edition ReviewReviews
05/07/18Banner Saga 2 ReviewReviews
05/01/18SwitchRPG: April By The NumbersNews
04/30/18Fantasy Hero ~ Unsigned Legacy ReviewReviews
04/27/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
04/27/18Battle Themes: Five Personal FavoritesMusic
04/25/18Official Podcast Episode #4Podcast
04/25/18Eternal Edge ReviewReviews
04/20/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
04/20/18Tale of Ronin Desktop WallpaperArticles
04/19/18Overworld Themes: Five Personal FavoritesMusic
04/18/18Official Podcast Episode #3Podcast
04/17/18Asdivine Hearts ReviewReviews
04/13/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
04/12/18Seiken Densetsu Collection LamentationsArticles
04/12/18Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden : Episode #1 (Pts. 1-2)Side Quests
04/12/18Switch RPG Awards 2018: The Nominees Are…News
04/12/18Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom ReviewReviews
04/09/18Looking for Volunteers!News
04/06/18Zelda: Breath of the Wild Scenic Desktop Wallpaper CollectionArticles
04/05/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
04/05/18Official Podcast #5Podcast
04/04/18Dreaming of a Final Fantasy CollectionArticles
04/04/18Official Podcast Episode #1Podcast
04/02/18Darkest Dungeon Desktop WallpaperArticles
04/02/18Penny-Punching Princess ReviewReviews
03/30/18Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
03/29/18Switch Word Game RPGs: A ComparisonArticles
03/28/18Official Podcast Episode #0Podcast
03/28/18Blossom Tales ReviewReviews
03/23/18Switch List for Android: Upcoming Nintendo Switch GamesNews
03/23/183 Things That Make Great RPGsArticles
03/21/18SwitchRPG March AnnouncementsNews
03/20/18Hyper Light Drifter Desktop WallpaperArticles
03/20/18Must-Have Switch Ports: March 2018 EditionArticles
03/19/18The Longest Five Minutes ReviewReviews
03/17/18Blossom Tales Developer Chat/AMA TranscriptArticles
03/07/18Getting Creative With Co-opArticles
03/06/18Mercenaries Saga Chronicles ReviewReviews
02/28/18Dragon Quest Builders ReviewReviews
02/27/18Lost Sphear ReviewReviews