The Legend of Zelda Series Turns 33!

The Legend of Zelda series debuted 33 years ago today! While our staff debates on whether or not the Zelda Series should even be classified as an RPG (look for more coverage on that soon), we still wanted to take the time out to say happy birthday to the legendary video game franchise.

What’s your favorite Zelda moment / game? Mine is where it all began, but be sure to leave yours down below.



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2 years ago

As a kid my genre palate consisted of a lot more variety than it does today. Although I remember enjoying the NES, SNES, and Gameboy Zeldas, it wasn’t until Breath of the Wild that I really fell in love with the series. Ironic, I know, seeing as BotW was such a huge departure from the norm in the series, but it was those changes that drew me back in after all these years. The moment of realization that the starting “zone” of BotW is a mere sliver of the entire world is something I’ll never forget.

Timothy Taylor
2 years ago

I have many.A LttP was the first time I realized I LOVED a video game. I can remember being up at midnight with my cousin and we just didn’t want to stop. Number 2 would have to be my first time stepping out of Kakariko Village in OoT. At the time, I couldn’t imagine a game feeling that big. I can remember how the cel shaded graphics and sailing in Wind Waker felt relaxing and happy. Lastly, when I first looked off of the Plateau in BotW and realizing this would be a Zelda unlike any other.

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