SwitchRPG: March by the Numbers

SwitchRPG.com, and all of it’s related pieces, is a fairly new entity as far as Nintendo Switch sites go. Everything started in mid-January of this year, but we have seen exceptional growth in a very short amount of time. Here’s some details into our traffic and the numbers behind the site, so far.

Overall Totals

Total Unique Visitors: 32,248
Total Page Views: 227,252
Page Views per Visitor: 7.04

March Totals

Total Unique Visitors: 8,670 45% lower than February
Total Page Views: 74,683 0.25% lower than February
Page Views per Visitor: 8.61 45% higher than February

Now, honestly, March’s numbers are down from February’s numbers for a couple reasons. In February, SwitchRPG.com content was posted on a large subreddit (/r/NintendoSwitch) three times, each resulting in a huge influx of traffic. While the spikes in February were awesome for exposure, the site itself was very thin on content and not as built-out in features. Since then it as has grown a lot and our community has begun to flourish.

During March, there was not even one huge spike in traffic from Reddit. I’ve been able to see the numbers level out finally and I have a better idea of average daily traffic, and it’s positive to see that the averages, when you take out the spikes, are rising week to week! The same is true for Google Search traffic, in that daily now 40-50 clicks are coming from Google indexed results. People looking for info on Switch RPGs are finding their way here more easily.

Daily Averages [March 1 – April 9]

Daily Avg Unique Visitors: 297
Daily Avg Page Views: 2,610
Daily Avg Page Views per Visitor: 8.78

So that’s how things look today for the site itself, which I’m pretty happy with so far. In another week, the site and community will be a whopping 3 months old, so having hundreds of people visiting daily makes think we’re doing something people are enjoying!

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