SwitchRPG March Announcements

Hello, everyone,

I have a couple really exciting announcements to make regarding SwitchRPG!

Welcome Rich (rlcooper83) to SwitchRPG Staff!

First off, Rich will be joining our staff as a moderator. I know you’ve seen him active both on Discord and on the website making comments and engaging with everyone. His knowledge and perspective of video game culture will add valuable assets to our team! We can’t wait to work with him! If you want to throw good vibes his way, he’s @coopr001 on Twitter.

Switch RPG Podcast

Secondly, I’m very excited to announce the SwitchRPG community will soon have its very own podcast! The show will be aptly called the Switch RPG Podcast – as that sums up pretty well exactly what it is, am I right? I’m so happy to tell you a little about it today.

We really believe the Switch RPG Podcast will be a show the community can really get behind, believe in, and share with your friends. It will be a fantastic extension of the website’s core philosophy of compiling and celebrating RPGs as well as fostering a passionate and growing community of gamers just like yourself. We can’t thank you enough for all your support at switchrpg.com, and we hope this podcast will be another way for us to all connect and grow with one another.

Before I jump into details about the show itself, I would like to formally announce the podcast’s hosts. It will be hosted by myself, and my co-host will be none other than Giovanni Pimentel (for those who don’t know, he is seamonkeystew in the SwitchRPG Discord). Both of us are SO excited about the show’s prospects and already have amazing ideas in place for fun segments, engagement opportunities, and even future growth plans.

The show, releasing weekly, will be a source for Nintendo Switch RPG news, switchrpg.com website updates, and even insight into the minds of game developers. It will also be a chance for you all to connect with us through questions, comments, game opinions, and other forms of feedback we can read “on air.” We want the podcast to be a conversation, a two-way communication street, a celebration of the amazing community we have here at switchrpg.com.

We will be recording a preview episode soon that will give you a chance to hear Gio and me in action and will detail more about the Switch RPG Podcast. You can expect that preview episode to launch on podcast services next Wednesday, March 28, 2018. And our first full-fledged episode will launch Wednesday, April 4, 2018. If you have any questions about the show (or you just feel like telling me how excited you are), be sure to hit me up in Discord (discord.switchrpg.com) or you can tweet at me: @vaultrpg.

We hope you all feel as hyped as we do for this new element to the SwitchRPG community. We love how positive and inviting our corner of the internet is, and know we can grow it even further through this platform. Once again, we thank you so much for your support thus far, and we thank you for your continued support moving forward!

– Phillip

Tweet at us:
Phillip – twitter.com/vaultrpg
Gio – twitter.com/GioPimentel
Rich – twitter.com/coopr001

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  • Phil Pinyan

    Writer. Podcaster. Human toaster oven. I play video games and talk about them. I'm a console agnostic who bleeds blue, green, and red.

Phil Pinyan

Phil Pinyan

Writer. Podcaster. Human toaster oven. I play video games and talk about them. I'm a console agnostic who bleeds blue, green, and red.

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