SwitchRPG: July By The Numbers

Once again, July was a record-breaking month for the website and the app! Here’s a rundown of the numbers across each component:

SwitchRPG Overall Totals

Total Unique Visitors: 92,215 25% growth
Total Page Views: 684,048 28% growth
Page Views per Visitor: 7.42 No Change

SwitchRPG July Totals

Total Unique Visitors: 27,282 28% higher than June
Total Page Views: 154,215 7% higher than June
Page Views per Visitor: 5.65 Slightly Less


  • This is our highest month yet for page views and unique visitors!
  • These numbers do not count SwitchList.app numbers.
  • SwitchList is at 15,410 total installs currently and has had 440,030 page views since it launched.
  • SwitchList.app had 6,771 new installs last month
  • Organic search traffic from Google has increased to about 200-220 clicks a day.

Promotional Data

In June we launched our very own built-in promotional platform. These are essentially ads, but they are curated and restricted to gaming specific promotions. The increase in site/app traffic has allowed them to perform very well. If you have a product or service you would like to promote, check out our rates and get in touch!

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