Switch RPG Sales and Releases Resources

For the past few months it has been my pleasure to bring you a weekly snapshot of Switch RPG sales and releases with the help of our Switchlist database. While we encourage everyone to use this free Switch resource, we understand that there are those that might prefer to remain on SwitchRPG.com, or perhaps they only desire the information that pertains specifically to Switch RPGs.

With our new Sales and Releases pages, you get the best of both worlds. Both pages will immediately display the sales and recent/upcoming/announced Switch RPGs based on current eShop data – all without you having to leave the site.

While you still might have the best experience using the Switchlist site/phone app natively, these resources ultimately serve as quick references to the most up-to-date Switch RPG data – fast. Keep switchrpg.com/sales and switchrpg.com/releases in mind whenever you need the latest information regarding Switch RPG-specific sales and releases.

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Great write up! SwitchList is being used by so many switch owners daily and continues to grow!