Switch RPG Releases and Sales This Week

Welcome back to another rundown of what is happening in the Switch RPG scene this week. Do keep in mind that this information is based off the current Switch eShop information and its accuracy (especially sale prices) may fluctuate over the course of the entire week. For the most up-to-date information, consider following games on Switchlist.

Our weekly podcast will also give out this information. Be sure to let us know what deals you’re taking advantage of this week, or what new releases are on your radar in the comments below!

New Game Releases

Desert Child (December 11 – $11.99)

Kingdom: Two Crowns (December 11 – $19.99)

Dragon Marked For Death (December 13)

SEGA AGES Phantasy Star (December 13 – $7.99)

Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle (December 13 – $22.49)


ATOMINE (50% Off || $9.99 $4.99)

Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch Story: COMBAT (30% Off || $8.99 $6.29)

Moonfall Ultimate (30% Off || $12.99 $9.09)

Nine Parchments (70% Off || $19.99 $5.99)

The Swindle (50% Off || $14.99 $7.49)

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