Switch List for Android: Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

In order to provide something useful to all Nintendo Switch owners (not just RPG fanatics), we’ve put out a simple and useful app for Android. (iOS users can use it too, details below).

Head over to the Play Store and check out “Switch List”, an app designed to let you quickly see a list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games. Each games provides a bit of detail and a jump to see more at the Nintendo eShop. The data will update daily and more features will be added to the app over time. It’s 100% free with ZERO ads. Use it and tell your friends!

Switch List for Android
Get it here!

For iOS users: Go to https://switchrpg.com/app/ in Safari and “Add to Home Screen”. It will place a nice icon on your phone and run just like an app. Anything we add to the Android app will appear for iOS users as well. We expect to release an actual iOS app for this in the future.

We’re very excited to have this out there and would love any feedback you can give us, whether its a comment here or a review on the app in the store. Enjoy!



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