Save Money On Switch Games With Switchlist.App

If you’ve spent any amount of time on this site or following our Twitter, you have probably seen or heard some about an app we wrote called SwitchList. We developed the app earlier this year and put it out for free on Android, iOS and the web. I thought it might be helpful to detail out the app and its features to give everybody an idea of what it can do and why you need it.

Upcoming Games

The first section in the app shows upcoming and recently released games for the Switch. These lists are searchable by title, genre, month, etc, and are the fastest way to see what’s on the horizon. At the bottom of this section you can enter an email address in if you want to get sales alerts.

Wishlist / Collection and Sales Alerts

You can build your own wishlist and collection just by going to a game and flipping the appropriate switch (no pun intended). If you have an email set in the app, you’ll get an email anytime a game on your wishlist goes on sale! We have tons of users that have saved a lot of money with!

eShop Database

The database section gives you a list of every Nintendo Switch game in the eShop. You can quickly find games by title, genre, players, and more, and can sort by a number of fields as well. Easily want to see every RPG on sale? You can do it in seconds!

eShop Stats

If you want to see the most wanted games, most owned games, most viewed games and highest rated games in the eShop, check out the stats section of the app. It has some other interesting stats if you’re into that kind of thing. It is a great way to see what is popular and what people are excited for!

Nintendo News

Finally, the app provides the latest news from, and all in a single place. Quickly stay on top of the latest news and events.

So, there’s nothing to lose here. The app is free and can help you save money. There is one small promotional banner across each section, but promotions are gaming focused and not intrusive like so many ads. We plan to continue to update and improve the app over time also. Check out to get started!

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