Persona 5S Rumored to Be Headed to Switch

Rumors have circulated around the internet today about the existence of Persona 5S and the likelihood that the title is coming to Switch. The same source that leaked the confirmation of Persona 5R -a PS4 exclusive – also has been cited as confirming this new Switch-exclusive version of one of 2017’s best RPGs.

Considering that the Dragon Quest XI Switch version also carries the “S” moniker, as well as the renowned accuracy of the source, this seems to be quite legitimate.

What do you think? Would you like to see Persona 5 on the Switch?

Timothy Taylor
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“also has been cited as confirming this new Switch-exclusive version of” The tweet there says both PS4 and Switch.

P5 on Switch has always seemed so likely since there’s no viable portable alternative, it’s hard for me to judge which rumors claiming it seem legit and which are just the obvious being speculated.