Octopath Traveler Prequel Announced For iOS And Android

Square Enix has announced that Octopath Traveler is getting a prequel titled Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, but it is headed to mobile (both iOS & Android). While this is an interesting decision – leaving some Switch fans puzzled – they did announce that production on the next console game is in the works, but will take some time.

Square Enix confirmed that Octopath Traveler has surpassed 1.5 million units sold, and considering that success, do you think we’ll eventually hear of a Switch release for this new entry?

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1 year ago

They’d be out of their minds keeping this just on mobile. Remove the microtransactions – whatever they may be – adjust the retail price based on that, and put it on the Switch.

1 year ago

Really looking forward to this even if it is on mobile (I never play mobile games!) as OP is one of the best RPG games in years and I was left wanting more at the end of it.