Notice Board: Week of 11-13-2020

The Notice Board is a weekly feature that will recap all of the Switch RPG news and happenings for the current week.


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SwitchRPG Content

January 20, 2021Valkyria Chronicles Preview (Switch)Videos
January 20, 2021Monster Sanctuary Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
January 19, 2021One Dog Story Preview (Switch)Videos
January 19, 2021Bard Banter – Favorites From Boot Hill HeroesMusic
January 19, 2021Pixel Art Switch RPGs Coming 2021Videos
January 19, 2021Libra: Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom (Switch)Articles
January 18, 2021Bioshock Infinite Preview (Switch)Videos
January 18, 2021One Dog Story Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
January 15, 2021Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – The Game: Complete Edition Preview (Switch)Videos
January 15, 2021Notice Board: Week of 1-15-2021News

What was the most exciting Switch RPG news, announcement, or release for you this week? Let us know!



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