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March 31, 2020Musings of ManaArticles
March 31, 2020Sin Slayers Preview (Switch)Videos
March 31, 2020Libra: Operencia: The Stolen SunArticles
March 30, 2020Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Deluxe Edition Preview (Switch)Videos
March 30, 2020Sinless Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
March 30, 2020Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
March 29, 2020SwitchRPG Podcast Episode #64 – Finally a Nintendo Direct, but MiniPodcast
March 29, 202011 Switch RPGs Coming In April 2020Videos
March 27, 2020Notice Board: Week of 03-27-2020News
March 27, 2020Bravely Default II: Demo ImpressionsArticles
March 27, 2020Bravely Default II Demo PreviewVideos
March 27, 2020Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times Preview (Switch)Videos
March 27, 2020Children of Zodiarcs Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
March 27, 2020Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
March 27, 2020Let’s Play Operencia: The Stolen Sun (Switch)Videos
March 26, 2020Langrisser I & II Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
March 26, 2020Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition Preview (Switch)Videos
March 26, 2020Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition Preview (Switch)Videos
March 25, 2020One Step From Eden Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
March 24, 2020Top Diablo-like Games on Nintendo SwitchVideos
March 24, 2020Ash of Gods: Redemption Preview (Switch)Videos
March 24, 2020Innovation and Stagnation in Strategy RPGsArticles
March 23, 2020Demo Impressions: Trials of Mana (Switch)Articles
March 23, 2020One Step From Eden Preview (Switch)Videos
March 23, 2020Children of Zodiarcs Preview (Switch)Videos
March 23, 2020Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet Preview (Switch)Videos
March 21, 2020Notice Board: Week of 03-20-2020News
March 20, 2020Broken Lines Preview (Switch)Videos
March 20, 2020Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
March 19, 2020SwitchRPG Podcast Episode #63 – Indie World Showcase ReflectionsPodcast
March 19, 2020“Chunky” CombatArticles
March 19, 2020Phantasy Star IV Preview (Switch)Videos
March 18, 2020Libra: Broken Lines (Switch)Articles
March 18, 2020Dead Or School Preview (Switch)Videos
March 17, 2020A Street Cat’s Tale Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
March 17, 2020A Street Cat’s Tale Preview (Switch)Videos
March 16, 2020Trials of Mana Preview (Switch)Videos
March 16, 2020Shining Force Preview (Switch)Videos
March 16, 2020Alder’s Blood Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
March 16, 2020Let’s Play Rack n Ruin (Switch)Videos
March 13, 2020Notice Board: Week of 03-13-2020News
March 13, 2020Libra: FUZE4Articles
March 13, 2020Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
March 12, 2020SwitchRPG Podcast Episode #62 – E3 Cancelled & RPG TalkPodcast
March 12, 2020Blazing Beaks Preview (Switch)Videos
March 12, 2020Darksiders Genesis Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
March 11, 2020Warlocks 2: God Slayers Preview (Switch)Videos
March 11, 2020UnderHero Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
March 11, 2020Langrisser I & II Preview (Switch)Videos
March 10, 2020Battle Themes – More Personal FavoritesMusic
March 10, 2020Tiny Gladiators Preview (Switch)Videos
March 9, 2020PAX in Review: RPGs to Look Out For!Articles
March 9, 2020Pine Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
March 6, 2020Notice Board: Week of 03-06-2020News
March 6, 2020Alder’s Blood Preview (Switch)Videos
March 6, 2020Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
March 5, 2020Rune Factory 4 Special Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
March 5, 2020Knightin’+ Preview (Switch)Videos
March 4, 2020Knightin’+ Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
March 3, 2020Downtown Special Kunio-kun’s Historical Period Drama! Review (Switch)Rated "OK", Reviews
March 3, 2020Aviary Attorney Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews
March 3, 2020UnderHero Preview (Switch)Videos
March 2, 2020Ganbare! Super Strikers Preview (Switch)Videos
March 2, 2020Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl GOLD Review (Switch)Rated "Great", Reviews
March 2, 2020Downtown Nekketsu Story Preview (Switch)Videos
March 2, 202010 Switch RPGs Coming March 2020Videos
March 2, 2020SwitchRPG Podcast Episode #61 – PAX East 2020 Wrap upPodcast

What was the most exciting Switch RPG news, announcement, or release for you this week? Let us know!

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Editor. Resident database wizard. Bringer of news and keeper of peace on Discord.

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