Notice Board: Week of 07-24-2020

The Notice Board is a weekly feature that will recap all of the Switch RPG news and happenings for the current week.


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SwitchRPG Content

August 13, 2020Steam Tactics Preview (Switch)Videos
August 12, 2020Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Preview (Switch)Videos
August 11, 2020Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Libra (Switch)Articles
August 10, 2020Chrono Trigger: The Remake We (Don’t) DeserveArticles
August 10, 2020RPG DNA: Games That Shaped Us – Part 3Articles
August 9, 2020God Wars: The Complete Legend Preview (Switch)Videos
August 8, 2020Cubers: Arena Preview (Switch)Videos
August 7, 2020Notice Board: Week of 08-07-2020News
August 7, 2020Weekend Gaming PlaylistArticles
August 6, 2020SwitchRPG Podcast #79Podcast
August 6, 2020Libra: Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus (Switch)Articles
August 4, 2020Tower of Time ReviewRated "Good", Reviews
August 4, 2020Blasphemous Preview (Switch)Videos
August 3, 202011 New RPGs Coming to Switch this AugustVideos
August 3, 2020Polandball: Can Into Space Review (Switch)Rated "Good", Reviews

What was the most exciting Switch RPG news, announcement, or release for you this week? Let us know!

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