New Giveaway Goal Announced!

UPDATE: Goal crushed – thanks for the support! We’ll continue to monitor contributions, and will be aiming to increase the value of these giveaways as support permits!

In a continuing effort to support both the server fees and our community, we have announced a new patron goal which will open up an additional giveaway opportunity for all patrons – yes, even the base level tier!

Head on over to our Patreon for full details! Once the goal is met, all patrons will have an opportunity to win this additional giveaway each month. Like the pre-existing giveaway, this one also has potential to grow in value, based on participation.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re only looking to cover our operation costs through our Patreon. We want to give back to our community as we are able, and your support really makes a difference. Thank you!

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11 months ago

I like it!

11 months ago

I’m in! Paladin Tier! I want everything (^_^)

The sprites are awesome. Speaking of which, we need classic Final Fantasy games to come to the Nintendo Switch. Japanese and English languages options as well.

Reply to  SQLViolist
11 months ago

Thank you for the support