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In an effort to keep our site 100% ad-free, we’ve re-launched our Patreon and are now offering a variety of official SwitchRPG merchandise. 100% of the proceeds goes to maintaining SwitchRPG – including our website, the podcast, and our YouTube channel. The staff have always been volunteers – and likely always will be – but server fees and equipment costs are still things to consider.

Of course, none of this is required – you can continue to use the site as you see fit – though we’d appreciate you giving both the Patreon and the shop a quick look. Our lowest Patreon tier is a mere $1 a month, and would help our cause immensely if you have the ability (and desire) to support us.

SwitchRPG has seen many changes since its inception in early 2018, but our ultimate, unwavering goal has always been to provide reliable, trustworthy content surrounding the Switch RPG scene. And we certainly couldn’t do this without our community. Whether you choose to support us in this fashion or not, we genuinely appreciate everything you do for us.

As a reminder – while SwitchRPG was once affiliated with the now defunct Switchlist, we are in no way, shape, or form responsible for its demise, nor were we aware of the owner’s plans to retire on such short notice. The decision has put us all in a bind, but we’re committed to continuing on as usual. We appreciate your understanding.

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1 year ago

Help is on the way, fellow RPG Citizens! 🙂

1 year ago

Also, are you guys not allowed to put the Switch logo on the shirts?

Reply to  Ben
1 year ago

Cool. I really like the Now It’s A Party shirt with the logo and I also like the sword/shield logo but feel they are missing something without the Switch joycons logo…

10 months ago

I’m more than happy if you guys had a few minor unintrusive ads to keep the revenue flowing.