Google Chrome Coming to Switch?

At the Google GDC keynote coming up on the 19th, board member Rick Osterloh is planning to shed light on Google Chrome’s upcoming venture into gaming. The concept that Google is planning to initiate includes game streaming capabilities that would allow consoles – and high end PCs – streaming capabilities as long as Chrome is installed on the console itself.

As it pertains to the Switch, it seems that Google is already at work adding Switch controller support to Chrome as we speak. Does this mean that the cutting edge streaming service will be coming to the Switch, or will it simply be a browser? Answers should be revealed at GDC on the 19th. You can read more from Osterloh about Google’s GDC plans here.

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1 year ago

I do not understand the desire for streaming gaming. There are categories for which it can work, but it has downsides and still takes a lot of compute, and most categories for which it works well are relatively lightweight already.

A real browser that doesn’t require going into settings to access would be welcome.