Elden: Path of the Forgotten Announced For Switch

Onerat Games has announced they are bringing their “medieval eldritch fantasy” RPG to Switch later this year.

Elden is a medieval RPG with roots in cosmic horror. It explores storytelling through non-traditional indirect methods – like reading a book in a language you don’t understand, but
with pictures. Visually inspired by some of greatest classic 16 and 8 bit games, Elden is a stunning, encapsulating, dark world just waiting to be explored. When the world forgets, the past is primed to repeat. As Elden struggles entering adulthood, the world is becoming a darker place. Forgotten evils are returning and only you are positioned to act.

Elden is the first major commercial release by Onerat Games. It’s a tribute to the adventures we grew up with and loved.

The game features:

  • Many diverse and challenging regions.
  • Horrifying Lovecraftian enemies and bosses.
  • Unique and brutal weapons and spells.
  • Powerful and dynamic items.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.




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1 year ago

Looks like my kind of thing. Always love an 8 or 16 bit RPG ( and a bonus that’s it’s mixed with a bit of horror!)

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