Best Characters – SwitchRPG Awards 2020

Over the last two weeks of December, we are announcing the winners of the Third Annual SwitchRPG Awards. We’ll be announcing new winners every weekday, leading up to a final announcement on January 1st for RPG of the Year!

Best Characters

Heroes, villains, and the supporting cast from both – which game has the best ensemble of interesting characters?

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Bug Fables

Trials of Mana


And the Winner Is…

Staff Winner: Bug Fables

For a title so deeply seeped in the traditions of Paper Mario, one would certainly expect some high-quality writing. Luckily, Bug Fables delivers in spades, not only in its strong core cast of characters, who possess plenty of quirks and quips, but in many of Bugaria’s denizens. While the series from whence it came is known for its abundance of color-coded Toads, there is such an impressive variety of insects on display in Bug Fables, covering a spectrum of species, colors, and behaviors. With a plethora of side quests to explore that further flesh out these insect inhabitants, Bug Fables manages to overshadow the competition, despite having the smallest characters of them all!

Community Pick: Hades

In our second community tiebreaker, Xenoblade and Hades went head-to-head for the crown, with Hades ultimately dominating with 55.6% of the votes.

What are your thoughts on the winners? If you disagree with the results, what would you have preferred to make the cut? Let us know, and stay tuned tomorrow for another award announcement!



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