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Music is an integral part of any game. While pieces that truly complement their environment are often capable of stirring emotions and conveying a story without the use of words, dull, uninspiring themes can go completely under the radar.

The list below is a compilation of some of my own personal favorite overworld themes in RPGs. I have attempted to provide an eclectic mix of tracks from all sorts of RPGs throughout the years, but I’m sure that I have missed many amazing pieces as a result. But that’s where you come in – be sure to leave your own personal favorites down in the comments below.

Field 01 – Doom and Destiny

Starting off the list is a quirky JRPG that uses…stock RPG Maker XP music?! This is getting too weird already, but before you bounce, give it a listen! I don’t care where this track originates from, it is fantastic. Consider checking out the game, as well, though it is a weird one for sure.

World Map 1 – Shining Force

Based on the general Internet consensus, I think it is safe to assume that the Sega Genesis does not often come to mind when discussing excellent gaming music. Regardless, there are some games leaps and bounds beyond the normal Genesis offerings, with Shining Force being one of those examples.

Hope Journey – Lost Sphear

Lost Sphear is a game I’ve never been shy about in exposing its general mediocrity, however the more I listen to the soundtrack, the more I realize how well done it is. I think that this encapsulates well the idea of traversing a world that is lost, but also has that chance at recovery.

Route 11 – Pokemon: Let’s Go!

The Let’s Go series of Pokemon games really surprised me last year. Although they are certainly watered down, shadows of their former selves, they are still entertaining adventures for those looking for a more casual Pokemon experience. I’ve loved Route 11’s theme since Red and Blue, and this new rendition isn’t too shabby either.

That’s it for this list. What did you think about my selection? Stay tuned for more musical spotlights in the future!

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  • Ben T.

    Owner, Webmaster, and Content Creator. Lifelong RPG fan. Husband. Dog Dad. Beer Enthusiast. Weight Lifter.

Ben T.


Owner, Webmaster, and Content Creator. Lifelong RPG fan. Husband. Dog Dad. Beer Enthusiast. Weight Lifter.

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EXP: 56
2 years ago

Solid list! The first NNK overworld is great too (and maybe you featured that one in another article)

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