Great RPG Music: Octopath Traveler

I hope everyone has enjoyed Octopath Traveler as much as I have! At the time of my review, I said that I’d need to spend a little more time with the soundtrack outside of the game in order to really get a good feel for it. Well, I can honestly say that it now ranks among my favorite OSTs of all time.

Almost every track in the game is a work of art in itself, but below are a few of my personal favorites. Further down, there is a large playlist of roughly three dozen songs that really stood out to me from the entire score. In addition, you can find our massive Great RPG Music playlist at the very bottom that encompasses everything we’ve mentioned thus far (plus Octopath).

Be sure to mention some of your favorites below!

Olberic, The Warrior

A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

My Quiet Forest Home

Battle Theme II

Town Veiled In White

Stolen Dreams, Lost Light

Victor’s Hollow

Playlist – Great RPG Music: Octopath Traveler

Playlist – Great RPG Music (Complete)

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