Boss Music – Five Personal Favorites

Many games are known for their music, especially in the world of RPGs. Music mixed with an interesting set of characters, story-line and game-play, helps create an experience unlike so many other genres of games. In many RPGs, reaching a boss brings about even more epic music, in many cases. Here are five of my favorite boss fight tracks, in no particular order. Also, I’d like to express how hard it was to thin this list down to five, because there are so many excellent boss fight tracks.

NOTE: Possible Spoilers below if you haven’t played these games! If you haven’t played them, stop what you’re doing and play them now!

“World Revolution” – Chrono Trigger

This theme takes place at the end of Chrono Trigger in the fight against lavos before his final form. The pace of this theme is fast, full of horns, organs and a strong digital effect in the BG, and really gets the battle going strong. Honestly, I think the track is better than the actual final boss music against Lavos. It even brings in some melodies used in other tracks from Chrono Trigger and feels like it ties the game together into the ultimate showdown against Lavos. The stakes are high in this fight!

“The Fierce Battle” – Final Fantasy VI

For this theme, you’ll hear it about mid-way through Final Fantasy VI, up on the floating continent. The battle takes place against the Atma Weapon (aka Ultima Weapon), the guard of the Warring Triad. It’s a pretty tough battle and the music let’s you know this guy isn’t some pushover. To me, it has that FF6 sound to it, and again combines some melodies used in other tracks, but in a more serious fashion.

“One Winged Angel” – Final Fantasy VII

Betting just about everyone has heard this theme. In Final Fantasy VII, when you finally get to face Sephiroth at the end, this amazing track plays. As a lifelong fan of the Final Fantasy series, this theme really struck me the first time I heard it due to the vocals, which hadn’t been used in a FF theme prior to this time. The song isn’t as fast-paced as some boss themes, but it really keeps in stride with the pacing of the battle. The track is designed to play in timing with Safer Sephiroth’s ultimate attack, Super Nova. This fight leaves a lasting impression on you, let’s just say that.

“Dragon God” – Chrono Cross

This battle takes place against the Dragon God, which is kind of the final boss of Chrono Cross, but not really. Chrono Cross’ story is too hard for me to explain, but regardless, this song is amazing. It’s another track with vocals that really make it stand out from other tracks in CC. It shares melodies and instruments with other tracks from the OST, but really feels like the best boss theme in the game.

“Boss Theme #2” – Skyrim

Want to feel like a hero? Just listen to this track! You’ll hear it multiple times as you play through Skyrim, but it’s truly one of the games best tracks. The vocals and overall tone really “feel” like Skyrim and leave you feeling powerful and triumphant. Shame it doesn’t have a better title than just “Boss Theme #2”.

These are just a few of my personal favorites. There are so many amazing boss fight tracks out there, so leave a comment and let me know what you think and what your favorites are! Thanks for reading and listening.




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