Star Story: The Horizon Escape

Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Developer: N/A
Release Date (US): 2018-07-12
Type: Turn-based RPG
Tags / Compare to: Text-based, Puzzle, Crafting
Game File Size: 2.4GB
Players: 1 Player
eShop: eShop Page
Website: Official Website
Twitter / Hashtag: @EvilCoGames
ESRB: E 10+
Views: 861 (0 today)
OpenCritic Score: 51 (Based on Switch Reviews)







Game Description

Join the journey of a funky space-archaeologist, who crashed on an unknown planet.

The archaeological research mission faced some unexpected difficulties. Your spaceship crashed. Can you escape from this planet? But how? No one can help you. You are here all alone. Or not? Do you have a plan? Will you find what it takes to be a hero?

Star Story: The Horizon Escape is a turn-based, adventure game with text-rpg elements. Tune into the story of the aspiring space-archaeologist Van Klik on his mission to the mysterious planet of Horizon!

Non-linear plot development, 24 alternative endings
Your choices define the story. Totaly. Some will turn out better than others, some will be worse, and some will be straight up hilarious. You are here to find the real true ending among all of your possible destinies and become a hero. Or maybe something more...

Text-based gameplay
The core classic. Dive into the story and find a way to exploit EVERY possible situation. Did you know that if you throw a lock-pick at an attack droid, it will decide that you are stupid and will deactivate? Build your character, choose your alignments, learn the lore of the world. You will need it all to succeed.

Game mechanics
The story will throw a mix of dialogues, choices, turn-based battles, puzzles, weapon and resource crafting, technology research and more at you. You will use all you can to survive the challenging world of Horizon.

Turn-based philosophy
The player decides on the pace he wants to play the game at. Everything is turn-based. There is no time-limit for making decisions, no quick-time events, no rush: you can take any amount of time to make your move.

Beautiful world
Enjoy the wild and crazy sceneries of the Horizon world. Deserts, jungles, cities, underground caverns… the list goes on.

Colorful characters
Meet the locals! Who is more to your liking? Side with "Bullet King" and uncover an ancient cryptic artifact. Or choose to undermine his brutal regime and make the local revolutionary your friend. Or leave them and go try to play romance with the alien girl? Or blow up the planet? Or… You get it!
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Review: Star Story: The Horizon Escape (Switch eShop) via Nintendo Life

Star Story: The Horizon Escape is an inoffensive time sink with some competent gameplay that's 'fun' for an hour or two. Once you've seen a couple of the endings, though, it quickly palls. If you've run out of things to play on your Switch – and given the current flood of software, that's highly unlikely – and you're willing to forgive a lack of polish, you could do far worse, but look elsewhere if you're after a meaty adventure game.



July 6, 2018 12:08:15 PM
@Xatres17 I agree. The combination of styles the game proposes could either be "peanut butter and chocolate" or "chocolate and pickle." I hope it is good, because the description piques my interest. But there is enough out there to play without having to drop $10 on a game sight unseen that could be a train-wreck of genres. A trailer that included true gameplay footage would go a long way towards getting me to purchase.
Jeremy Rice
July 6, 2018 09:13:51 AM
This game needs a trailer. There's such a mash-up of elements, that I can't get a sense of what the gameplay is actually like just by looking at the screenshots.
July 5, 2018 11:46:22 PM
This looks interesting. Not too sold on the art style though.

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