Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date (US): 2018-05-18
Site Ranking: #42
Type: Action (#4)
Tags / Compare to: Zelda, Dynasty Warriors, RPG Elements
Game File Size: 12.8GB
Players: Up to 2 Players
Game Length (Avg): 12 hours ($5 / hour)
Length & cost per hour are subjective to play style
Series: The Legend of Zelda
eShop: eShop Page
Views: 2114 (1 today)
OpenCritic Score: 75.5 (Based on Switch Reviews)
Updated Friday May 18, 2018 09:53:01 PM:
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Game Description

A new, ultimate version of the exhilarating action game set in the Zelda universe will include every map and mission, plus all 29 playable characters from both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game, along with all of the previous paid downloadable content. Play as Link, Zelda, Midna, Skull Kid and dozens more in action-packed battles at home or on the go. Additionally, the game includes new outfits for Link and Zelda based on the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.
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Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch) Review via Cubed3

It might have taken a couple tries to get the formula right, but Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is exemplary. Much can be said about the absurd amount of content, but what really takes this game to the next level are the various refinements. The item card shop alone makes a world of difference for dedicated adventurers. There's also the enhanced frame-rate, which lends a better sense of control and situational awareness to the player. They are better equipped to notice those subtle changes in enemy behaviour, or realise when a massive attack is coming. Aside from a few nit-picks, there's hardly a reason to pass on this fantastic title.

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Review: How to Triforce via Shacknews

As long as everyone knows what they're getting into though I would definitely recommend this game to fans of the Dynasty Warriors franchise regardless of their familiarity with Zelda. I'd also give a thumbs up to fans of the Zelda games that are into arcade-style action every now and again.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Review – A Link between swords via Critical Hit

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition has all of the quality of the 3DS version that built on the Wii U original (and some of the more recent Fire Emblem Warriors improvements added for good measure) and none of the drawbacks.

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition via GameSpace

If you missed out on the Wii U Hyrule Warriors, I'd more than suggest buying the Definitive Edition here on Switch. Not only is it one of the best Warriors spin-offs to date, but chances are you're a Zelda fan if you own the Switch and it's just a great spinoff of Link's adventures altogether. Can it get repetitive? Sure, but that's the nature of Action RPGs like this – Warriors games are essentially 3rd-Person Diablos without the loot hunt. Playing coop is a joy, the Adventure Mode is an awesome addition, and raising your own fairy is surprisingly cute and meaningful. With all the content on display, it's worth the full price of entry.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Review via Impulsegamer

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is a really fun experience on the Nintendo Switch and really is the definitive version. It contains all the updates and plenty of unlockable characters, items and costumes to help enhance your overall Musou experience but in the world of Zelda.



July 9, 2018 09:22:06 PM
I would highly recommend this, much more than I would Fire Emblem Warriors. Fire Emblem Warriors is riddled with clones and seems to clearly have been made to cash in on a franchise without a ton of love poured in. Hyrule Warriors, especially Definitive Edition, has oodles of content, uniquely designed characters all throughout, and is clearly made by people who know their Zelda and love the franchise to death. If you're thinking of deciding between the two Warriors games, go for Hyrule Warriors.
July 1, 2018 12:09:12 AM
@McWhoopass This. I'm not fond of Fire Emblem, but Zelda just rocks.
Jeremy Rice
June 30, 2018 07:50:45 PM
Still trying to decide if I want to double dip on this one. I played a decent amount of the Wii U version, but never picked up the DLC or got too deep into the bonus adventure mode, which I hear is one of the biggest highlights of the game.
June 30, 2018 12:31:16 PM
I’m torn between this and Fire Emblem Warriors. I imagine both offer a similar experience. On the one hand we have the venerable Zelda universe that seems like a blast to play all the favorite characters but it’s still a port of an older game. Then there’s Fire Emblem warriors which was crafted from the ground up on the Switch and also offers a large cast of favorites to play as.
February 26, 2018 06:13:55 PM
This game looks like it'll be amazing
February 21, 2018 01:52:20 PM
I considered Fire Emblem Warriors, but wasn't familiar enough with the series to spring for it. Given the inclusion of Breath of the Wild character models, I'll be getting this.
February 19, 2018 02:21:31 PM
Oh man, I can't wait for this!

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