Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

Publisher: Monkey Stories
Developer: Monkey Stories
Release Date (US): 2017-11-07
Site Ranking: #63
Type: Action RPG (#28)
Tags / Compare to: Grid, Ultima
Game File Size: 1.7GB
Players: 1 Player
Game Length (Avg): 5 hours ($1 / hour)
eShop: eShop Page
Views: 1835 (9 today)
OpenCritic Score: 59.8 (Based on Switch Reviews)






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REG. $9.99

Demo Available

Relive the golden age of dungeon crawlers in a simplified version fully adapted for consoles.

After countless days and nights celebrating within the infamous Monkey Tavern, our team of adventurers have spent every last penny... Their fates, however are about to change...

Like a gift from the gods, in walks a mysterious stranger who points them towards a high tower full of invaluable treasures. It doesn't take much more to rouse their thirst for adventure. You will enjoy exploring a dungeon full of riddles, dangerous enemies and vicious traps. And if luck favours...you will discover secret passages sheltering legendary weapons and armours.


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Review: Heroes of the Monkey Tavern via Geeks Under Grace

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is a worthy addition to the dungeon crawling genre, although it is undoubtedly retro to a fault. While the simple graphics and generic enemy designs are disappointing, the actual dungeon crawling is effective in its purpose, and can be enjoyable if you come in expecting it to be nothing more than what it is.

Review: Heroes Of The Monkey Tavern (Switch eShop) via Nintendo Life

Heroes of Monkey Tavern will certainly scratch your dungeon-crawling itch, especially if you're a fan of the seminal Dungeon Master, the game's biggest inspiration.

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern Review via Switch Player

It’s tough to tell whether it’s the genre itself, or the execution of this particular game, but it feels like something you’d have been playing on a primitive computer of some ten to fifteen years ago. Each passing floor of the tower looks the same, with only the new enemy models distracting from that monotony. It’s one for the genre enthusiasts, that’s for sure, but your average gamer isn’t going to take a lot from this. Apart from the nightmares caused by running away from monsters along those dim corridors, that is.

Heroes Of The Monkey Tavern Review via Nintendo Insider

This passion project has evidently been created with a modest budget, but Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is unremarkable in execution. It is the painting by numbers approach that leaves an overriding impression that the developer was arbitrarily ticking boxes as to what is expected in a first-person dungeon crawler, rather than making their own mark on modernising the genre. Instead, we’re left to brave a distinctly average experience that doesn’t hide many riches.



April 30, 2018 01:23:45 AM
Just finished.. it's alright. The weird UI design got easier to navigate as the game wore on, you just kinda get used to it. It's a short game, took me around 7 hours total and there's only 8 floors. Exploring each floor was pretty fun, and the game did some pretty interesting things with how it set up it's rooms (especially one specific floor that was really fun to play). But the puzzles aren't really puzzles, most are just press every lever until you get the right one or hit this secret button in the wall. Because of the UI, it's a steep learning curve but as I got the end of the game fights got easier and even the last boss battle was personally easier and quicker for me than some of the battles I got into on the first floor. Overall alright game and I'd recommend it, but ofc there are other dungeon crawlers I'd recommend more
April 3, 2018 12:41:49 PM
Game is generally fun, but can become easily frustrating with the horrible UI and menus. Game uses the same dungeon textures everywhere so you're going to be looking at the same walls and floors the entire game. Combat is okay, is mostly ruined by the bad menus and controls that take some getting used to. Going to try and finish this one, probably by tackling a floor or 2 a day. I can't really see myself playing this for long sessions.
Septimus Woolf
March 7, 2018 05:06:39 AM
A simplified version of an old-fashioned dungeon crawler? How much more simplified could they get Probably going to skip this one.

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