Fear Effect Sedna

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Sushee
Release Date (US): 2018-03-06
Site Ranking: #81
Type: Strategy RPG (#14)
Tags / Compare to: Tactical, Isometric, Fear Effect
Game File Size: 6.9GB
Players: 1 Player
eShop: eShop Page
Website: Official Website
Twitter / Hashtag: @FearEffect
Views: 2772 (1 today)
OpenCritic Score: 59 (Based on Switch Reviews)
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Game Description

Be part of a new Fear Effect adventure with Fear Effect Sedna, a new game in the classic series made popular on the original PlayStation console. With a whole new story, and shifting to a pausable real-time tactical action style, players will be able to control the team strategically and tackle enemies and puzzles alike.

Fear Effect Sedna is set four years after the events of the original Fear Effect game, and things have changed for the team. Hana, freed from the Triad, lives with Rain in Hong Kong and works as an occasional mercenary, while Deke has grown apart from them since Glas returned to the US.

Hana accepts a small mission for a shadowy organization asking for her services. Her target: a mysterious ancient statuette held by the Chinese ambassador in France. She sees it as a good opportunity to visit her birthplace... But this 'easy' mission is about to lead Hana to something way bigger than she expected.

Meanwhile Glas is approached by a client who catches his attention enough that he soon sets out for Greenland. How will these events bring the old team back together?

Fear Effect Sedna is dedicated to recreating the atmosphere and characters from the original Fear Effect. However, while there are familiar aspects of the game to previous incarnations of the franchise, you'll find yourself immersed in a completely unique and new world with Fear Effect Sedna - one that will appeal to fans both old and new.
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Fear Effect Sedna Review via Nintendo Insider

Fear Effect Sedna has suffered from an internal conflict over whether to stay true to the originals or start over. There is an authenticity in approach that lifelong Fear Effect fans will no doubt appreciate, but, taking a step back to look at the game as a whole, even they may come to lament the many flaws that it is riddled with. It’s a shame, therefore, that it can’t outrun its demons.

Fear Effect Sedna (Nintendo Switch) Review via Cubed3

Sedna paints a bleak future for this series. It is a sloppy mess that gets off on the wrong foot, only to shoot itself in the foot right after. It is a weird hodgepodge of body horror, cyberpunk sleaze, and secret agent shenanigans that, in theory, should work, but don't.

Fear Effect Sedna (Switch) Review via NintendoWorldReport

Bad puzzles, repetitive combat, and poorly designed encounters are constant companions. I respect the desire and the work that must have gone into making this revival a reality. I just wish the product would have been better for long-suffering fans.

Review: Fear Effect: Sedna (Switch eShop) via Nintendo Life

Fear Effect: Sedna is a flawed amalgam of disparate parts. It fails to wholly convince as an action, strategy or stealth game, and the delivery of its story is a little stilted. However, the sheer variety of its mix and its fresh visual style may prove enough to keep you playing through.

Review: Fear Effect Sedna via VGProfessional

With Fear Effect Sedna, Sushee has managed to create a different yet faithful new episode in a long forgotten cult franchise. While the gameplay mechanics are not optimal for most, and the graphics engine is sub-par for what you would expect from a 2018 title, but it's worth picking if you're a fan of Fear Effect. Here's hoping Fear Effect Reinvented, a remake of the original Fear Effect and Sushee's other project, will be a better way to showcase the French studio's talent.



February 13, 2018 08:07:51 AM
Surely a lot of gamers won't have played the original so hopefully the story isn't to reliant on knowing the first game. I played it (years ago) but couldn't tell you what happened in it, although I remember it being a good game. More tactical games are always welcome anyway!

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