Dawn of the Breakers

Publisher: CyberStep
Developer: N/A
Release Date (US): 2018-07-26
Type: Action RPG
Tags / Compare to: Anime, Fighting
Players: 1 Player
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Game Description

Defeat the impending menace, the mysterious "Ghouls"!
Utilize new abilities with each transformation of your Heroes!
Discover the fate that awaits a young man afflicted with amnesia...
Embark on an unpredictable journey in the fully realized Story Mode!
Play with friends in co-op, or compete against them for glory in the Arena!
Form a team with 6 Heroes, and terminate the Ghoul threat with explosive techniques!
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August 8, 2018 03:21:09 PM
This game crashed or froze on me at least 4 times trying on launch day, what little I got to play of it I didn't care for as it felt like a bad mobile game. I uninstalled it the same day.
August 1, 2018 02:15:50 PM
At the low, low price of "free" it seemed worth giving Dawn of the Breakers a go. And my opinion is that it is worth trying out, but depending on your tastes may only be worth what you paid for it...

The biggest issue to address is that this game feels like a iPhone game. It has all the gatcha elements of a F2P game like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or countless other examples. If those game design choices turn you off, just walk away because this game is built around getting "more stars = higher power" units.

The core gameplay is a side-scolling beat-em-up with full movement options and multiple types of attacks. Your jump, regular, and heavy attacks can be combined to create additional attacks. In addition, you have special moves that have alternate forms based on the press of the directional pad. You are not alone in this fight, as you bring three other AI-controlled teammates to the battle. This leads to a smooth feeling fight, if a little chaotic.

The menus feel a bit clunky, but not too bad to navigate. I do wish the loading text for each area was able to be skipped or could be toggled off. Pointless button mashing to advance the game flowchart is a decision I will never agree with.

Also, there is no ending to the story as it continues to follow the tropes of other F2P games and wants to dole out more story to keep players coming back. The story is fun, if trite, with humor that hits the mark more often than not. If you are looking for a satisfying three-act story, pick up another title because Dawn of the Breakers doesn't cater to your need for resolution.

Bottom Line: Dawn of the Breakers makes a good showing on the Switch. There is nothing broken or crashing that I have encountered and it holds up well under it core mechanics. At worst, it is a fun diversion from more serious games with a "free" price point. At best, this is a better than average game that fits into the "bite-sized gaming" column. If you can get past the gatcha and open-ended story, give this a whirl.

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