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Sephirothic Stories Review (Switch)

KEMCO and EXE Create are back at it once again, this time about a giant tree named Sephiroth. I can’t make this up. Let’s see how it performs, shall we?

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Windscape Review (Switch)

Windscape sets itself up as a fantastical action-adventure exploration game, set in an amazing world filled with bizarre inhabitants, mystery, and epic monsters, But does it deliver on all of that?


Revenant Dogma Review (Switch)

Revenant Dogma, not to be confused with the earlier release from the same company, Revenant Saga, is the latest in over a half dozen releases as of late to land on this platform. But is it worth a look?


Fernz Gate Review (Switch)

Fernz Gate is a traditional JRPG that strives to balance classic tropes with modern innovations – a balancing act that can either create a impressive gaming experience or go horribly wrong.


Fantasy Hero ~ Unsigned Legacy Review (Switch)

Fantasy Hero ~ Unsigned Legacy is a title that I have been curious about since its arrival back in January. Now, I’m here to report my findings and let you know if it is really as bad as the general populace makes it out to be.

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