Weekend Gaming Playlist

Spring is just around the corner, and as temperatures rise, we have a little bit of a lull in heavy hitting releases to enjoy. This provides an opportunity to catch up a bit on the backlog, or replay an old favorite. I’ll be choosing to enjoy the latter while finishing up one of February’s biggest releases. Here is what I’ll be playing this weekend.

Darksiders Genesis

This latest release in the popular franchise makes an attempt to brave a bold, new path as a top down dungeon crawler in the same vein as Torchlight or Diablo. The risk pays off in terms of quality, and here’s hoping for the same financial results. Adding these heavy hitting third party titles to an already robust library of quality games is a win-win for both Switch owners and developers.

The voice acting In Darksiders Genesis is the best I’ve experienced in quite some time, personally. Additionally, the game’s co-op mode is the most fun cooperative play time I’ve enjoyed since Warframe. Check my full review of one of early 2020’s best!

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES Nintendo Switch Online)

As Mario day (March 10th) passed earlier this week, my family and I sat down to decide which Mario game to play to celebrate and experience some nostalgia. While I find myself waiting for a Switch release of Super Mario 3D World, I settled on one of the best RPGs ever created. Squaresoft and Nintendo were at the top of their games with this title, which still holds up today. The innovative, timed hit turn-based battles were revolutionary at the time, and are now oft-duplicated in modern RPGs.

Bowser’s one-liners are every bit as hilarious to me no matter how many times I replay this title. It continues to amaze me just how gorgeous this SNES game was- and is- compared even to some of the PS1’s best graphical releases. If you’ve missed out on this game throughout the years and have a Switch Online subscription , I highly recommend jumping into it.

That’s all for me! Thank you for visiting SwitchRPG! What will you be playing this weekend?

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