Weekend Gaming Playlist

We’re right smack in the middle of the holiday gaming season, and there is absolutely no shortage of games to play- as is per usual this time of year. This weekend I’ll be Catchin ‘Em all, drinking some blood, and time traveling. Here is my weekend gaming playlist:

Destiny Connect:Tick Tock Travelers

Destiny Connect May become lost in fray amongst all the Triple-A titles, but Nippon Ichi Software’s lighthearted, time traveling adventure deserves a look if you’re hungry for an RPG during leisure time. On the surface it looks like a game that may be a generation or two late, but this is a quality RPG for beginners and RPG vets alike.


DONTNOD’s grisly tale of a London doctor waking to find out he has become a vampire has made its way to the Switch. Dr. Reid now faces the carnal urge to feed off of the very citizens that he once swore to save. Vampyr is a straight port of the Xbox and PS4 versions, and while the quality of the graphics take the expected hit, the marvelous story is still very much in place. This is my second playthrough of Vampyr, and I’ve chosen to play in “Story Mode” this time. Balance issues led to some frustrations during my first night stalking adventure on Xbox, so playing this mode on the Switch has been a much more enjoyable experience for me so far. Review coming soon!

Pokémon Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield were my most anticipated games of this holiday season. The tried and true Pokémon formula returns in the expansive region of Galar. Visitors can take a look at our Party Chat article for some of our initial impressions. For now, I’ll simply say that I’m having tons of fun with Pokémon Shield… but I’m definitely not the biggest fan of the Wild Area. It seems to me that it’s creation was an unimaginative way to include various Pokémon in a convenient way. The idea of having one large area with random climates that suit the appearance of certain Pokémon is a bit of letdown, as opposed to actual remote locales with specific Pokémon habitats or appropriate climate conditions. I’m holding out hope that the game will ease my angst as I continue to play.

That’s all for me! I can’t wait to dive back into these games this weekend. What will you be playing?

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10 months ago

I think I plan to focus on DQ XI this weekend…