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With 149 games sitting in my Switch collection, deciding on what to play has become somewhat of a chore these days. Hell, sometimes the decision alone is enough to make me put down my Nintendo Switch, and walk away with a good case of “analysis paralysis.” This weekend’s gaming is more of an extension to what I’ve been playing throughout the week. I’m just as surprised as you are about this one.

Daemon X Machina

daemon x machina armored core

After finishing up Astral Chain, I quickly shifted gears into Daemon X Machina. I can’t tell how far I am, and I’m not really sure what’s going on with the story, but I’m enjoying it so far. This is one title I would definitely recommend you attempt to play exclusively in docked mode though, as it’s just not as great to play handheld. Daemon X Machina also continually makes me feel like I’m under-leveled. Some of the fights are longer than what feels necessary, partly due to my paltry damage on enemy arsenals. It also does this cool thing where it plays up the story, like I’ll have a choice coming up, only to force me into the next mission anyway. I don’t quite get it, but maybe all will be revealed in the end. I might even crack open multiplayer and see what it has to offer. Till then, I’ll keep hoarding all my currency and not buying any upgrades in fear of the arrival of the next greatest thing.


townsmen handygames

Surprise! Townsmen has somehow wiggled it’s way back onto the front page of my Nintendo Switch. The best I can gather is that my consciousness needed a more passive gaming experience after rolling through Astral Chain and crunching numbers in Daemon X Machina. Based on my last save time, it’s been just under a year since I’ve played Townsmen, and it’s still just as good. The important part is that it didn’t take too long to pick back up – the touchscreen controls still work flawlessly, and I can just let it roll without worrying too much.

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor

rimelands switch

A little surprise for all of you here at the end. In preparation for an upcoming SwitchRPG review – because who writes reviews and doesn’t play the game – I’ll be playing some Rimelands: Hammer of Thor this weekend. Turn-based strategy combined with a steampunk-like style has me quite intrigued. There even seems to be dice!? Now we are talking! Maybe this will be the one that will quell the fires of my “Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics” anticipation. Be sure to catch the review in the near future!

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor releases today, so maybe it’s something you’ll also play this weekend.

Mike Lubinski

Mike Lubinski

Editor. An enjoy "almost everything game" kind of person. I don't peg myself as a single genre gamer. I enjoy a wide variety of Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Android, and PC games.

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