Weekend Gaming Playlist

The Fall gaming season is finally upon us. Astral Chain just released and we are only weeks away from Link’s Awakening, Dragon Quest XI S, Ni No Kuni and so many more great games. So this weekend, I plan to check out GEARS 5 and work through a mixed bag of new and old titles in my Switch indie backlog.

The Tenth Line Special Edition

I don’t know much about this one, but 2D platforming mixed with turn based combat looks intriguing. Look for my review for The Tenth Line next week when the game releases.

Creature in the Well

This has been one of my most anticipated indies since its reveal during a Nintendo direct earlier in the year. Creature in the well combines fast hack-and-slash pinball action in a top down dungeon crawler with a very creative art style. Look for my full impressions next week.

Trine 2

Trine 2 is the second game in the side-scrolling puzzle platformer series. The Trine series is one I have always been told to play by friends, but I never got around to it. When Trine 4 was revealed and Frozenbtye decided to bring the series to Switch, I decided to finally give these games a try. I enjoyed Trine 1, but felt the puzzles were too simple- a couple hours into Trine 2 and I am glad to see the developers decided to make puzzles with more depth.

Torchlight II

Who doesn’t like a loot-heavy, Diablo inspired, top down action RPG? I am glad to see Runic Games and Panic Button games were able to bring this experience to Switch. Having just played a great deal of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which was more of an action arcade experience, I am looking forward to a more loot-based RPG experience.

Well, that will do it for me – what will you be playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!




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